1988 Porsche 930 Coupe

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If you’ve been reading these pages long enough you’ll know that I love a bright red interior. You might also recall that for me a white exterior is a color for which I have a very love/hate relationship. I think it can work incredibly well on some cars and look incredibly boring on others. In both cases, what I like about these colors comes down to contrast. It is not the individual color itself that I enjoy, but rather the way in which it complements other colors. I can think of few better examples of this than the presentation of this Grand Prix White 1988 Porsche 930 Coupe with Lipstick Red interior and just 26,842 miles on it.

Grand Prix White exterior

The interior is about as bright as they come on a Porsche. Contrasted with the Grand Prix White exterior it stands out in sharp focus. It’s ostentatious, but because the exterior is white I don’t find it garish. It brings some excitement to the car in a way that the much more standard black interior simply could not do and it enhances that white exterior. Overall, this is really nice looking 930 whose color combination is quite befitting of the car’s dynamic capabilities.

Obviously, much of what stands out about this 930 is the color combination and it’s what I have focused on most so far. However, it is the overall condition of this 930 that is making that color combination work so well. If it weren’t so clean and well maintained these colors wouldn’t stand out as much as they do and wouldn’t attract our notice as much as they do. We’re told that it is entirely original outside of the MOMO steering wheel and the center caps on the 16×8 and 16×9 Fuchs wheels. I think both of these additions are improvements to the car and in both cases, the original pieces come with the car so collectors need not worry about spoiling the originality. I believe the radio is non-original as well. The paint is entirely original and looks in great shape. The interior too is original and looks almost entirely free of wear. Check out the latest collection of Toyota cars for sale in Hackensack NJ

Car Condition

Given the very low mileage, we would hope for fantastic condition and overall this 930 does not disappoint. It’s said to have been owned by two collectors and spent all of its time in the comforts of climate-controlled garages and driven only in good weather. Given that it has averaged fewer than 1,000 miles driven per year all of this makes sense. Of course, I’m sure we’d all like to see it spend more time being driven; I know I’d certainly love to see a 930 like this on the streets near me. But while that hasn’t been the case to date at least the condition allows us to enjoy it as a time capsule and reminder of these great machines.  If you are interested in buying a used car in South Hackensack then Check out the Carz4usauto, because they are the best-used car dealerships South Hackensack.