2 Myths about Giant Pandas That You Should Be Aware of

Regardless of whether you are an animal lover or not, you can hardly ignore the cute pandas. The cuddliest creatures are also a popular attraction in China. Though these have been endangered for a long period of time, now these are the national pride of China. And to offer them a place that looks like their natural habitats so that they can live there happily, many man-made environments have been created. Such an enclosure in the research bases witness a number of tourists who come to China only to catch a glimpse of these adorable animals. However, as these are solitary creatures by nature, it has been very difficult to find them in the wild. But you don’t need to be sad. There are diverse of adventure tours in China that mainly focus on pandas. And by joining in these tours, you can meet the little ball of fur and enjoy their activities.

There are several companies which offer China adventure tours. You can choose one of the companies based on how long they have been in this field and the feedback of the previous customers. However, before you do so, you will like to know a few things about pandas. As there are several myths about the cute pandas, often people have a misconception about them. To make sure, you don’t have a wrong conception, here, we put together some myths about panda. Take a look.

  • Pandas are not a good learner

There is a popular belief that pandas are not a good learner. However, the reality is not so. As these adorable creatures are destined to live in a solitary place while they grow up, they have to learn a lot of things in the course of their growth. Young pandas are fast learners. Interested in everything, the young pandas often begin to explore trees, grass, flowers, pools, and bamboo thickets and inquire about their surroundings from the very early stage of their lives. As they are extremely curious, they probe into everything that they find. On the other side, for the adult pandas, there are several life skills that they must learn including how to eat bamboos, avoid dangers, find their mate and raise their babies, etc. Without owning their life skills, they can hardly survive in the solitary environment. And this is why, it is just a myth that pandas are not a good learner.

  • Pandas are not territorial creatures

As the territory of wild panda varies from season to season, people believe that pandas are not territorial creatures. However, it is nothing but a myth. Once, pandas establish their territory, they rarely want to move from there. However, when it is difficult for them to get fresh bamboo, especially during winter, they have to travel a long distance to get good food. As their territory sometimes overlaps in the wild, an encounter with outsiders is very common. In general, they are peace-loving animals and do not fight with each other. Unless there is a case of natural calamity or human-induced disturbance, pandas love to live in their territory. So, you can hardly say that they are not territorial creatures.

As you are now familiar with the myths that are associated with pandas, you can search for a company that offers Chengdu Panda tour, and enjoy the trip.

Author Bio: Zen Harris, a regular blogger on Chengdu Panda tour, here writes on 3 myths about giant pandas that you should be aware of before taking part in China adventure tours.

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