35MM Negative Scanning Service @ As Low As $0.69 Per Scan: Contact Photo-60 Studio!


Negatives of photographs and slides are the original copies of any photographs clicked during 60’s-70’s. If you have negative of the pictures which you want to save in some digital format through negative scanning service, you are bound to get the best quality digitized images. You will be able to get a detailed (from highlights and shadow areas) and much clear picture when you opt to scan negative to DVD rather than transforming prints scan to DVD.

Professional digital photo studio like Photo60 offers, photo scanning, C-41 Film processing, photo restoration, scan slides to digital service, and scanning film negatives to digital service to Virginia, Washington DC at best prices.

Clients can get Super resolution negatives and slides scanning service through the Noritsu commercial class scanning device which produces 18 megabytes( this size when open) JPEG file. If you are looking to produce large prints (16×20), this type of resolution is one of the best.

For those prints sizes which are 24×36 and above, you can pick Extreme Resolution in a negative scanning service and the size of the file will be around 48MB. 18MB file size is ideal for archiving photographs. The bigger the size of the prints, more scanning time and the cost will become.

In case of 35mm Slide / Negative Scans- First scanning cost can come around $20.00 and 501 – Up scan can cost around 0.69¢. You must remember that this cost varies depending upon the type of resolution( Super- 2048×3076 and Extreme- 5035×3339) and megapixels ( 6 or 17) you pick.

One who is operating scanner will also do contrast and color correction, shadows and highlights adjustment in your scanned images. All your files are carefully monitored by well-trained technicians.

Finally, you can share your digital files on social media platforms with your friends and relatives, can use them in your presentations any videos, make new prints, and much more. So, ship or drop-off your order at the Photo-60 retail store now and ask for negative or photo scanning service.

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