The 5 Secrets of Hiring a Cleaning Service

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Every now and then, you might want to hire someone to compliment your home cleaning. The extent will depend on your budget. If you’re flexible and your budget allows it, you might want to hire someone on a weekly or monthly arrangement.  Having a clean home doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. For the best cleaning service in Baton Rouge, Geaux Maids come highly recommended.

1. Friends and Relative Referrals

Before you decide to search online, it is always recommended you start by asking your friends and relatives. It can be hard to trust companies just by their testimonials on their websites. You can post on Facebook or Instagram asking for referrals. It is highly unlikely that your friends and relatives will recommend a service just for profit. Your friends and family should be your first view of reference.

2. Reviews

Online reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. They don’t always paint the full picture but can still be a good resource if you’re looking to hire a cleaning company. A lot of people don’t feel compelled to leave reviews especially if they were satisfied with the service. Unhappy people, on the other hand, will go ballistic when they’re dissatisfied with the service. People who are really angry will want to go online to air their frustrations. You should also be careful with companies that have perfect reviews.

3. Bonding, Insurance

This is particularly important if you are hiring a company for the first time.  If you are doing the interviews or doing the initial research, you should make sure that the cleaning company offers insurance and bonding. In the case of bonding, there is the guarantee you will be compensated in case something is stolen from your home. The insurance is to cover things that might be broken or damaged in the cleaning process. There should also be workers compensation in case someone gets injured in your home while carrying out the cleaning.

4. Experience

It is always good to know how long a company has been doing the business. A company that has been in the business for a long time knows the challenges that comes with it. An experienced company should be accredited with the bureau. The accreditation works by looking at the years in business and the complaints that you have received. Based on that info, the company is awarded a rating quality. You can check most accredited companies on Better Bureau website.

5. Cleaning Supplies

This often overlooked but it is important to find out if the company provides the supplies and tools or you have to provide for them. It is always recommended that the cleaning company provides the supplies and tools since they are in a better position to know what is needed. There are people who are obsessed with control. In that case, it is always good to coordinate with the company so that you can buy the cleaning supplies beforehand. They will be able to offer recommendations of the best based on the finishes in the house.


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