There are several practices known to damage the hair. From wearing ponytail or braids daily to using flat iron or curling damp hair. Other practices which affect the overall health of the hair include washing of the hair on a daily basis and improper combing technique. If you are guilty of one, two or most of these practices, then there is the need for you to know that you are indeed damaging your hair.

To keep your hair healthy, we will be discussing some tips which can damage your hair and others to help you restore it to optimal health.

1. Curling/Straightening wet or damp hair

Most women make the incredible mistake of rushing through their hair care routine in the morning because they are late for work or some other event. Rushing through your hair care routine means you did not give enough time for your hair to dry out before straightening it. Straightening your hair when damp however has a lot of negative effects on your hair and may be the number one reason for your damaged hair. When your hair is wet, it becomes more prone to damaging and straightening it in this condition may cause breakage.

2. Over-washing the hair 

Yes, there is something like over washing of the hair. If you are guilty of washing your hair every day of the week, then you may be doing yourself and the hair more harm than good. Washing of the hair is supposed to be aimed at getting dust and other dirt material away from it, however, over washing the hair may lead to washing off of the important oils which are otherwise necessary for its healthy growth. Washing the hair too often can also be the number one cause for dry hair.

3. Over brushing

While over washing is a thing with hair, same goes for over brushing of the hair. Just like under brushing of the hair, over brushing can cause your hair to break thus causing more split ends than you care to have. Brushing the hair too often reduces the natural oils and also increases friction which has detrimental effect on the overall health of the hair.

4. Applying too much heat

Another reason why you may be having problem with your hair is heat. The hair, like all other parts of the body is sensitive to heat and constant or continuous exposure to heat can weaken the strands causing the, to fall off and as such reducing the volume of your hair. Always remember that just like fabrics, the texture and volume of your hair should determine the amount of heat to be applied when needed. For women with fine, thin and fragile hair, ensure that your hair is exposed to the lowest heat for no more than 15 seconds. Should you choose to increase the temperature, then reduce the time of exposure.

5. Tight Hairstyles

Another common cause of hair breakage and damage is wearing of tight hair styles such as ponytails, braids, updos and more. Wearing these styles for longer period pulls on the root of your hair and may cause it to break off thus harming the overall volume of the hair. To learn more about practices which damage your hair health, check out Dr. William Yates MD.

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