5 ways to effectively deal with accelerated mobile pages

AMP aka Accelerated mobile pages is an open source project designed to help developers create mobile optimized content that loads quickly on all the other devices. Google announced AMP, a very convenient framework for creating fast loading web pages.

The continuous growth of mobile phone web user makes it important for developers to build proper design for accelerated mobile pages. The open source initiative is designed to enable the developers to easily improve the speed and simultaneously the user experience. The creator with AMP has the ability to style their pages within the framework and give the page easy navigation, cohesive browsing experience and reduce bounce rates. The power and potential of AMP help the designers to optimize the web page experience and facilitate the clients in a variety of ways.

Consider AMP-CAROUSEL for web page

Create an impression on the page most of the visitors will begin with. Static content can be shown on AMP to display available products, stimulating interest for e-commerce sites also those displaying general content.

The AMP carousel feature permits designers to display multiple similar pieces of content on a horizontal axis. This component works great for image galleries, it’s an eye-catching feature that is ideal for home page when you want to hook visitors to the home page of your website.

Display related products and posts

Encourage visitors to look deep in your content. You can achieve this by showing a list of products and posts to the ones who are viewing. You can statically post a list of relevant content, accomplishing it instantly by using , which populates a CORS request into an amp-mustache template to result in dynamically generated content relevance you can personalize according to your preference.
If visitors land on your page that don’t adjust their request, they will probably leave the site or look further what they’re seeking. The conventional method to enhance user’s search progress is to provide the suggestion of products so that they may find what they’re looking for easily otherwise they may find an alternative that does the job just as well.

Use AMP Analytics

It’s vital for a website owner to know how the visitors are interacting with the content. The AMP analytics can be used directly or can be added to a third party platform, including Google Analytics. The amp analytic component will help the website owners have a clear picture of what pages and design elements are resulting in conversion and which components are experiencing low user engagement. Keep in mind that smart caching is important when analyzing analytics.

Implement Ads with AMP

One benefit of AMP is the preexistent framework for implementing ads. The Amp-ad or Amp embed ad, component is a container to display an ad. Accelerated mobile pages help to increase visibility among users particularly after Google embraced AMP on its search page results. Also, quick loading times, flexible customization and visual components that strive to improve bounce rate for great mobile user experience.

Accelerate Mobile Pages provide an exclusive framework for the continuing growth of mobile users.

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