Advantages of Buying used Cars from Japanese Auction Houses

The question which begs to be answered is should a person buy a brand new car when he can get the same in used cars? What do we seek when we purchase cars? We seek reliability, affordability, fuel efficiency and features among other things.

If you look at Japanese auction houses, they offer you just that. Auction House Japan has a liaison with over 145 auction houses all over the country and have access to as much as 145,000 vehicles in a week’s time. That is only one example that we are talking about here.

Japanese used cars auctions japan are also in demand due to their slim to none complaint ratio plus, Japanese drivers tend to change their cars every 2-3 years which is why the cars are as good as brand new. Moreover, many auction houses conduct their business online. All you have to do is register, deposit initial sum and an agent will walk you through.

Now let us see few advantages in detail.

You get to enjoy a variety of vehicle makes and models

As stated previously, a Japanese car owner will normally change their car every 2-3 years because they are believed to change lovers. They welcome change. Since 2-3 years is not a long period of time thus, the condition of the cars remains brand new.

Therefore, when people purchase used vehicles from Japanese auto auction houses they find them to be equipped with the latest tech (since they are Japanese cars – duh) but at the same time at an extremely low cost. Why does quality not get compromised? We already told you because wear and tear of the car are less.

If we are to look into its working, we will notice that wholesale vehicles are sold through auction houses. Once you have located a decent auction house/seller in Japan, ask from them the list of vehicles which can meet your desired standards. Many auction houses even keep stock and thus, it is easier to narrow down your search for the dream car from a multitude of makes and models.

Ascertain the vehicles from afar

Now bear with me for this while I explain this to you. I am aware you all must be thinking that how can we trust an auction house in a foreign land just because they deal in Japanese vehicles? Fair point. There is a way. Most auction houses in Japan provide you with auction/inspection sheet beforehand.

This way you can ascertain vehicle’s specifications and pricing. The auction sheet is also a testament to the fact that the vehicles listed therein will make it to the actual auction which leaves no room for any confusion or any form of doubt.

Moreover, the agent assigned to you (in an online auction) or the expert therein will guide and provide you with support so that you can seek any help/clarification and make a more informed decision. And remember, if something appears too good to be true it usually is (rule of thumb).

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