Angular Diamond Rings – A Look at Geometric Designs

Engagement rings for women experiment with form. Some aim for the avant-garde, playing with cut and setting. Others may take inspiration from classic styles, nature, or other sources. Still more turn to the geometric, making unique engagement rings with angles and straight lines.

Some diamond shapes lend themselves well to geometric looks. Square princess cuts, triangular brilliants and rectangular baguettes are popular examples. Other possibilities include rectangular stones with cropped corners such as the radiant and emerald cuts. Trapezoid and half-moon diamond side stones also highlight the angular aesthetic.

While diamond shape refers to the jewel’s outline, cut is how it’s designed to reflect light. Brilliant cuts are made to fill the crystal with white and colored light. Step cuts consist of parallel facets nested inside one another. They highlight a gem’s clarity and polish, and facets underscore the shape. Asscher and baguettes are examples.

A geometric diamond engagement ring can be as simple as a solitaire band with a square gem. Elaborated versions may feature emerald cuts with rectangular side stones or baguette halos. Bezel or channel settings may underscore the jewels’ lines. Styles like three stone diamond rings add more shapes to play with. has a feature allowing you to create the engagement ring of your dreams. There are eleven shapes and eighteen settings to choose from. The design board at the top of the page displays your creation. If you decide you like one look better than another, you can click the “start over” button. Visiting our engagement ring gallery may further inspire you.

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