The Appeal of Brilliance – White Light in Diamonds

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Brilliance, also known as brightness, is a prized trait in diamonds. White light enters a stone through its table, reflects off the inner facets and exits to the viewer’s eye. Cutters have spent centuries aiming to unlock still more brilliance from the jewel. People looking for gemstones for engagement rings and diamond wedding bands will find an array of brilliant style cuts.

Diamonds are made of tightly packed carbon atoms. The crystal structure is so dense, light slows dramatically as it passes through the jewel. Depending on the angle, light will bounce off the stone’s interior, illuminating the gem.

Careful proportions are a must when cutting brilliant diamonds. The right depth and angles will keep light moving within the stone, adding brightness. Ensuring light exits through the top rather than sides of the stone further play up brilliance. Round brilliant’s strict standards ensure consist lighting among jewels.

Brilliants are popular for diamond bands. They come in a variety of shapes, with round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings the most sought after. People want pretty jewelry to commemorate important events. Since brilliance is so admired, it makes its way onto many designs.

Those who want the brightest possible ring may want to add diamond embellishments to their bands. Side stones are one way to do this. Halos add one or more lines of small jewels around the main gemstones. Those who want brilliance on more of their ring may want to look at designs with jeweled shanks.