Best places to travel for a liquor celebration

When you are travelling, drinking is a full experience that you will want if you are a liquor lover. It is in the small glass of deliciousness that you will uncover its centuries of culture and history, love and creativity. There is something thrilling to drink in a foreign place, when done right, it can be an extraordinary experience to savor and cherish and the most enjoyable pursuit to undertake. For travelers it is a pleasant change to venture into a bar or a restaurant of your choice in a new destination and drink, dance and have fun. It is an act to be celebrated as in these places you encounter great music, happy faces and the feeling of excitement that fills the atmosphere.

Be it a rooftop bar, a beach party, or a dimly lit iconic club in these great places for any celebration promise something for everyone looking out for good times and happy hours. It could be your birthday, anniversary, New Year`s Eve, renowned festivals, or any other reason to celebrate, they give you a chance to have a memory never to be forgotten.

Amsterdam – Netherlands

The drinking scene in Amsterdam is worth visiting the place. The city known for its canals, bikes, nightclubs is a perfect destination for music and drinks. For a diverse club experience, try their well-known pubs like Shelter, De School and for excellent beers, it is Café Sound Garden. Party all night until next day 6 am in Rembrandtplein Bars.

Cancun – Mexico

It is a slice of heaven for party goers and endless celebrations with tequila and coronas at the Zona Hotelera. It is Cancun`s wildest clubs for boozing and late nights. On good deals on beers and tequila, The Blue Gecko Cantina is recommended. Club recommendation would be Cocobongo for dance, hip-hop, balloons, confetti, and foam parties.

New Orleans- Louisiana, USA

This historic city is always buzzing with underground clubs, jazz clubs and rock music. The legendary Mardi Gras of Bourbon Street will give you many reasons to hit New Orleans. The city is home to the first cocktail, The Sazerac. Try a cocktail of gin, wine, pear brandy and bitters at the restaurant Compere Lapin.

Dubai, UAE

The city of Dubai has so much to offer regarding liquor celebration. It gives the right kind of environment to host safe and fun filled parties and celebrations. There are lots of nightclubs, restaurants, pubs, discotheques to spend your time and taste the best of drinks. Some of the best clubs in Dubai are Boudoir, Trilogy, Barasti, Nasimi Beach, Club 360, Bar 44, Neos, Observatory, and Irish Village.  For hosting parties, you can buy from the best liquor shops in Dubai like Le Clos, Al Hamra of MMI who offer a wide variety of drinks to enjoy with your friends and family. In UAE, you need to apply a liquor license to buy alcohol. However, you can buy alcohols without liquor license from MMI shops like Al Hamra at affordable rates.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the most happening place active nightlife. It is famous for its underground techno clubs, rock shows and venues to host late night shows. Get a taste of everything in clubs like Chalet and Club der Visionaere.

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