Buy Quality Milk Pouch Packing Machine and Expand your Business

Sumangalam Dairy Company brings you the best in class milk pouch packing machines at affordable costs. These machines make the task of packing milk in pouches very easy. Milk pouches are a very convenient way of packing milk and delivering it door to door or in shops. The demand of packed milk is increasing day by day and milk pouches offers the best and cost-effective way to deliver packed milk.

At you can get the best milk pouch packing machines which are easy to use and are made with a lot of additional features. These machines come with electrical controls which you can set. These milk pouch packing machines work on the basis of a gravity flow filling system which can pack around 40 to 50 pouches per minute.

These machines are available in different types and models to pack from 100 ml to 500 ml milk pouches in the clean and hygienic way. Manual packing of milk in pouches can no way be possible with such speed and hygienic ways. These machines work on PID controlled heating systems and use power of 1 kw per hour. At, you can get these machines at affordable rates and also avail assistance to use and operate them. These machines come with the manufacturer’s warranty and an instruction manual.

To order your machines today, just log on to their online portal and browse through the various available models. You can also avail door delivery and assistance on installation if required.

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