My Experience of Cheap PoE Currency

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1. Now our domestic players are really being smashed by a knife of 999, and the orange game is spoiled. How to get cheap Poe currency becomes a big problem. Really, the dark game is really not necessarily an orange outfit or a good one. For example, Path of Exile, Mirror of Kalandra is always installed. Yellow, this has led many domestic players to do not understand, a yellow dress in the trough is more powerful than the unique? This is one of the cores of the dark class game, equipped with affixes, to understand the killing point of a dark class game (there are good points, pain points, difficult points, killing games are called killing points, 2333). Is the amount of affixes, the amount of affixes of Path of Exile is really not much. If you are interested, you can take a look at the Path of Exile database. This game affix will be graded according to the equipment level, equipment type, location of affixes, etc. Said that this equipment is much more bells and whistles?

2, you see the game developed by foreigners, really not so many big wings back, the result? The 3rd-level collection of oil wings sells 4, 5 hundred (this is also better than the domestic game conscience?), here also want to spray, the influence of a certain war god fashion level on the combat power, upgrade the amount of fashion gold (a set of time Filled with a friend of my v9 Xin Yue 3, more than 10w), Poe and others are slags. Recently, there is a special set, and it is estimated that a few thousand dollars can be stopped. The fashion only has an accelerating effect in the town. Some people say that this is not a DNF routine. First, fashion does not have a killing map attribute. Only the town attribute. I want to say that it is really so Tencent, Tencent is really amazing.

3, a lot of people say that talent is fancy, novices are not easy to understand, you are lazy, really, steadily copying homework, copying a League, you know the routines in the talent tree, not so difficult. . . .

4, this game has been out for 6 years now, the content is too mixed to understand

5, GGG this small company, optimization is really not very good, this game eats hard disk read and write performance, this, you can not look good, but please install it in the solid-state.