Compelling Reasons to Study in Germany

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education in GermanyGermany provides young people with a high level of education. The German universities are internationally recognized, and the degrees are appreciated among many countries. Actually, any of institutions there will give you a valid education degree and excellent knowledge. But it is not the only reason to study there. Find out nine more advantages in this article!

The Educational Charges

The cost of education in Germany does not differ for locals and foreigners. That is why so many international students come here.

Students do not have to pay huge tuition fees, because the public pays taxes, thus “sponsoring” educational institutions. Fees you pay usually include your transportation costs and courses. So, the factor of low-cost education attracts students and makes them prefer national universities to private ones. Debt-free education is what students look for and find in Germany.

Quality Factor

The German degrees are one of the leading in the world. Students from private institutions seek to “hier Facharbeit kaufen“, as they say, and receive the grades. But the standards of national system teach the students independence, hard work and the ability to apply practical skills. The studies affirm that the quality of German education is very high, and it may lead to breaking new grounds. For example, forcing out such famous universities like Cambridge and Oxford.

Living Expenses

Food and accommodation in Germany are quite cheaper than in other Anglophone countries. And the scholarship is easier to get meaning that the significant part of your expenses can be covered by the scholarship.

No Language Limitations

Thousands of students are getting their graduate or undergraduate level with the opportunity to learn foreign languages. Firstly, students are required to learn German to be able to communicate with citizens, at least. Secondly, the universities offer the variety of courses for international students in different languages to make the studying more diverse and available.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a more complicated matter. Prices can vary depending on the services and countries. Health insurance coverage in Germany is €53 per month on average. Such a guarantee attracts students from all over the globe.

Public Transportation

Being educated in such a beautiful country makes students want to visit all of the landmarks. Luckily, public transportation is helpful and popular. Moreover, it is often covered by an administrative fee.


A residential studio with enough space for a bed, desk, a small kitchen, a bathroom, and a balcony will cost the students approximately €200 per month in Germany. Prices may fluctuate depending on the location of the apartment. Berlin, for example, has apartment prices about €400 per month. In contrast, Munchen’s flat prices are quite higher. However, these are the ones of the most affordable cities to study and live.


Beautiful cities, interesting people, intelligent teachers are not the only options which interest young people. Not only sights and landscapes are explored by the students. Initially, most students have the culture shock and adapt to social models for a certain period of time. But then they get used.


Germany has the best rates related to work. The unemployment rate is at 6.9%. And 90% of German students work by their graduated specialties. The German students are especially interested in self-education as they are likely to attend dual vocational training programs. There they learn to associate theoretical knowledge with a real work in organizations and firms.

The gathering of students in Germany would have been a surprise dozens of years ago. However, now Americans and British come to Germany to continue their education. The German maintains the international purpose providing both for the locals and foreigners equal and beneficial conditions of the education and life.

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