Diamond Rings and the Active Person – Learn About Diamond Ring Care

Diamond rings have romantic connotations. The circle of the band represents endless love, and the jewel a lasting bond. They’re popular for engagement rings, wedding bands and anniversary rings. To help your bands last, it’s a good idea to choose designs suited to your lifestyle. It’s also helpful to take a few precautions when wearing your ring.

The thinnest parts of a cut diamond are vulnerable to damage. These portions include corners, points and knife edge girdles. The simplest way to avoid chipping is through your choice of stone. Asscher and emerald cuts for example have cropped corners to reduce risk. Feel free to ask your jeweler if you have any concerns.

If a diamond you enjoy is fragile, such as heart shaped loose diamonds, the right setting will keep it safe.  V shaped prongs help guard fragile tips. Bezel settings, which edge the jewel in metal, also provides protection. Half bezel settings serve a similar function, but allow more light to travel through the stone.

One of the characteristics of precious metal is how it can stretch or compress without breaking. In their purest states, gold and platinum may be too fragile for everyday wear. The metal in most diamond bands are alloyed with other materials to provide durability. Gold is measured in karat, with 14 and 18 being the most common. Platinum is measured differently, using percentages.

When you have your ring, there are lifestyle factors to consider. Dishwashing and other chores will expose your ring to heat, dust and other materials that will impact its appearance. Washing the ring afterwards can help remove debris. How you clean your ring and with what should be done carefully.

Some diamonds may have quirks within their crystal that don’t respond well to heat or certain chemicals. Other substances such as soap or toothpaste may dull their luster. Warm water, mild detergent and a soft toothbrush can safely revive your ring.

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