Do You Think Your Brakes are Safe?

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Brakes are integral to your car as they tend to take care of the safety of your car. Any of you who have the bad luck losing the brakes at one point or another can relate how chaotic things can get. That is why it is essential that we take care of our brakes and have them inspected every year, twice.

Car Brakes

This money spent will be compared to nothing which you will save on damaged car and lives of your loved ones. In many cars, you can easily inspect the brake without having to remove the wheel. If the Japanese used car exporter in Japan is made of alloy wheels with the space in the between then you can easily ascertain the position by peeping through the opening.

Irrespective of whether you have to take off your wheel or have the ability to peep through the hole, make sure you have a clear view of the brake pads and the big shiny disc. Now this a very cursory inspection and the severity of brake failure cannot be gauged as a result.

Therefore, an inspection by a professional is always recommended. A professional will be able to correctly identify and update you on the health of brakes. Not only you will be better able to address it but also get the understanding of how brake maintenance is carried out.

The actual inspection of brake discs

It is time to inspect the discs. The discs ought to be shiny on the inside all the way to the outer edge and not just that but the shine should be spread out in an even manner. Slight lines, if you notice they are not a cause of worry as it is normal.

Keep an eye out for any rough spots or declared grooves in the disc which calls for an immediate replacement of your brake discs. If you sense that brakes are cool, you can check with your finger to account for any rough spots or deep grooves. Brake discs are required to be replaced in pairs or else it will put the life of driver and passengers in harm’s way.

Are the brake pads worn out or just plain bad?

If you were to take a look at the pads, you will be needed to glance over in order to spot them. Even if you just follow the surface of the disc up to the top, you will notice that the outside pad is touching the disc. If you find that 1/8” or less is missing out on the pad then that is the signal for new pads.

The height is equivalent to a couple of pennies stacked up on top of one another. But if you are worried about the cost then don’t worry as replacing brake pads comes cheap and is a fairly easy job. Another important aspect here is looking at the brake lines. There shouldn’t be crack present in those brake lines if there is then replacement becomes a necessity.

In conclusion

So you see how regular inspections can save both your life and money.

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