Doctors Removed Teeth from the Tumor of a 4-Month-Old Brain

•    A four-month-old baby boy in Maryland, U.S., had a rare type of brain tumor which contained multiple fully formed teeth.

After a routine health check, doctors noted that the head of the boy was growing unusually faster than expected and was not in proportion with the body.

•    According to a report, an MRI scan showed a tumor near his pituitary gland which measured 4.1cm X 4cm X 3.5cm.

•    The scan revealed that the tumor contained teeth which are usually found in the lower jaw.

•    The baby underwent surgery to get that removed, and further tests revealed it was a slow-growing mass called adamantinomatous craniopharyngioma.

•    The tumor might have arisen from Rathke’s pouch, which is an embryonic precursor to part of the pituitary gland.

•    These tumors usually start near the pituitary glands are spread around which are filled with viscous, yellow fluid containing cholesterol crystals.

• They are often known to recur even after being completely removed.

• They usually do not spread outside the brain.

•   The baby had to have a shunt fitted to drain the brain and spinal fluid from his head.

• The baby needs to take thyroid and adrenal hormone-replacement drugs.

•    After one year of surgery he is progressing well, but, he still undergoes regular MRI scans to ensure the tumor has not returned.

•   Until now, surgeons had never actually seen teeth within one of these brain tumors.

•    Dr. Narlin Beaty, a neurosurgeon at the University of Maryland Medical Center, who performed the boy’s surgery, told Live Science:  ‘It’s not every day you see teeth in any type of tumor in the brain. In a craniopharyngioma, it’s unheard of.’

•    He added that these tumors often contain some calcium deposits ‘but when we pulled out a full tooth…I think that’s something slightly different’.

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