Drawing out a Diamond’s Brilliance – How Diamonds Shine

Diamond brilliance refers to the white light inside the stone. Different cuts express brilliance in varying way, with step cut’s modest light return to mixed cut’s stronger brightness. Brilliant cuts are expressly designed to fill the jewel with light. Cuts use diamond’s unique properties to provide gleaming diamond rings.

Diamonds are made of tightly linked carbon atoms. When light enters the stone, it must navigate around the crystal’s dense structure. This slows light at a dramatic rate. Cutters take advantage of this property to illuminate the jewel.

Brilliant cuts are designed to take in light from their top facet. Rather than leave through the sides or bottom, rays bounce off internal facets. The more light travels within the stone, the brighter the jewel. When light finally exits, it’s through the top of the stone. This makes round brilliant, cushion cut engagement rings and other diamond bands so bright.

Proportions, or the balance of measurements and ratios in a gem, is a must for brilliant diamonds. The total depth, or length of a diamond from top to bottom, should be just right. If the depth is off, light leaks through the sides. Likewise, specific angles of the cut encourage light to keep flowing within the jewel.

There are ways to improve the brilliance of your diamond engagement rings and wedding bands at home. Diamonds have an affinity for grease and may collect fingerprints and other debris over time. Cleaning your rings on occasion will remove these unwanted additions and restore shine.

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