When it comes to the amount of health information online, on TV, and even from friends and family, we all become overwhelmed. Unfortunately, along with the good, a lot of things you have learned or heard may turn out to be inaccurate. Here are five common eye health myths and misconceptions that have no basis in science.

Wearing glasses will make my vision worse.

It is a common misconception for most to think that wearing glasses will make their eyes to become dependent on them. Many parents are hesitant to let their child start wearing glasses. In reality, whether the vision is worsening or not, has very little to do with wearing glasses. The determining factors of prescription increase heavily depend on a combination of genes and environment. Your eyes are merely benefiting from the glasses so that you can see more clearly. Similarly, wearing glasses with a weaker prescription won’t make your eyes work harder, just less clear compared to the proper prescription.

Sitting too close to the TV will ruin your vision.

There is no scientific supporting evidence to show that sitting too close to the TV can cause permanent vision damage. Children may do this especially if they are nearsighted in order to see the TV more clearly. They may in fact need glasses. However, your eyes will get tired or strained if sitting closer than necessary for a long period of time. To remedy fatigue, simply close your eyes, turn off the TV and give them a break.

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