Flower Arrangement Ideas for Your Home

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Flowers brighten up any room, make it smell amazing and look beautiful. The right flower arrangement that complements the décor, colors and settings can transform any room to make it look like a totally new room with a different look. A simple addition can make your room elegant, casual, formal, vibrant or cheerful. Whatever vibe you’re hoping to achieve, there’s a flower arrangement that will help you do it.


First of all and most importantly, color. If the room you’re decorating has a bright backdrop, we suggest you start with neutral colored flowers as they’re easy to combine with other colorful flowers based on your preferred look. White flowers lighten up any room as they give an elegant and simple vibe. Other colors like yellow flowers such as yellow carnations will give your room a warm and cozy vibe. Combine yellow flowers with neutral colored ones if you’re going for a softer feel.

Flower type

Among one of the most popular options is roses because they’re widely available all year long with thousands of variations and colors to choose from. They fit most room styles and smell amazing. Red roses are great if what you want is a romantic vibe.

Sweet peas are also another great option if you want your room to be romantic perhaps for an anniversary or valentine’s day.

If what you’re going for is a vibrant upbeat vibe, we suggest daises as their whimsical, colorful and joyful nature will catch everyone’s attention the minute they step in the room.

Lilies are widely popular with formal events from weddings to funerals to work environments. It’s a great option for offices and corporate events.

If you want a casual setting for your living room, peonies are your best bet.


Containers are what makes the flower arrangement pop and there are so many options other than your regular vase. The container will be based on the style and theme of the room.

Outdoor areas such as gardens or window sills go well with hanging baskets used with various plant types like begonia, geranium and silver bells. Window boxes are another great option to have hanged on your windowsill.

For baby rooms, there are various options for whimsical looking container such as container in the shape of children’s toys or cartoon characters.

If you want something unconventional for your cool bedroom, you can go for watering cans, wooden or ceramic baskets and jars!

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