Fun Facts To Know About Woolen Sweaters

woolen sweaters

Woolen clothes hold so much importance in our life. They protect us from harsh and chilly winter; they give us a classy look and are way too softer than the usual summer clothing. You know so much about woolen sweaters, but the facts mentioned below are something that you mustn’t have known before this. Have a look:

  • Habits since Stone Age:

Using hair or fur of sheep and other furry animals is not a thing of today. Human beings have been using sheep fleece since the time of the Stone Age for protection from cold. Human beings living in cold places used to tame sheep and similar animals so that their fur and milk could be used for their usage.

  • Talent hunts:

In many places around the world, to be able to shear a furry animal is considered a talent. Such places hold competitions and contests for people who think they can shear a sheep in less than the time taken by laymen. Cowboys, warriors, dairy people, etc. are taught this since their childhood. Till date, the fastest person to be able to shear an entire sheep is Hilton Barret who was from Australia.

  • Special ability:

When clothes made out of usual materials tend to get wet, they get cold and may change the body temperature of the person wearing it. This makes them feverish and may even cause Pneumonia. However, it is not the case with woolen clothes. Even if you get wearing them, they still hold the ability to keep the person warm. Although you should take them as soon as possible, as they will hold more water than other materials, but are always a better option.

  • Wrinkle-free:

Other than the various benefits that wool has, one of the most distinct and beneficial facts about woolen clothes is that they don’t get wrinkles that easily. Even if you keep them untidily, they will get less wrinkled as compared to other materials. This would reduce your ironing in winters.

  • Jerseys:

You must have heard of the famous term ‘jersey’ which is used for uniforms worn by sportsmen in any sport. This term was initially used for sweaters, t-shirts, shirts, etc. which were knitted out of wool taken out from the famous jersey cow in America. Moreover, the most appropriate jersey garments were stockings.

  • Insulation:

The property of insulation in wool exists because it can absorb or release water vapor depending on the humidity present in the atmosphere. It tends to absorb when humidity is high and release when humidity is low. This is one of the many special abilities that we can see in woolen caps for mens.

  • Fire safety:

One of the most important benefits of wool is that it resists fire. It does not catch fire easily and can be worn around the fire without any struggle.

Above-mentioned points were some of the most interesting facts about woolen sweaters, which most people don’t know about. Keep them in mind while dealing with wool in the future.