These Furniture Will Grow Your Living Room

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Living Room

Most of the time, the furniture in a small room occupies all the space, causing it to “choke”. But even larger spaces filled with furniture look smaller than they really are. Here are tips for choosing furniture that you will not have this effect:

  1. Generally, avoid “stuffed” furniture that can be very comfortable, but it is out of scale in a small living room, with their volume “booing” the space.
  2. Choose “smart” multipurpose furniture. Tables with drawers, sofas that make beds and furniture with storage space make order and save a lot of space.
  3. Tables, tables and offices that grow and diminish according to your needs are ideal.

Things You Need Every Small Space

  1. Keep the lines as simple and minimal as possible. Do not forget that the more elaborate your items are, the smaller the space.
  2. Place the large furniture on the walls and not in the center of the room.
  3. The size of the furniture should be in harmony with the size of the room. Generally speaking, the smaller the furniture, the larger the room will look like, unless you put a lot of small furniture so the space will look smaller due to the many objects that are “confusing” visually.
  4. Do not place furniture in traffic lanes. Keep the image clean and open the corridors.
  5. Make sure most pieces are in open and close to the wall and fabric colors. Even bigger furniture will be “lost” in this way.
  6. If some furniture is too high, it will make your space look shorter. Avoid them and make sure there is enough space between them and the ceiling.
  7. Choose sofas, armchairs, and chairs without high backs and low arms.

Ways to Make Your Sofa the Decoration Center

  1. A very good trick is this: Furniture should have obvious legs so that their main body does not lean on the floor. So, they will not prevent the eye from “reading” the floor, and they will let the light pass underneath, creating the feeling of much larger space!
  2. Wooden bedside tables and low coffee tables are appealing in a spacious living room, but make a small space even smaller, covering valuable floor space. Choose glass tables to enhance the sense of space. When the floor is visible through the tables, the furniture does not reduce the sense of the size of space!
  3. Open the curtains of the living room so that natural sunlight enters the room. So your living room will look much larger.
  4. Put in your living room a few large furniture to make it look more neat and less padded. Small furniture can not get a lot of space, but if you have a lot of them, this will not be what you want.