How Can You Take The Python Training and Why it is Important?

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Python’s strength is certainly its breadth. Unlike many other programming languages, which are really common only in certain contexts, Python can cover a very large part of software development. Both in width and in height. There is almost no area on which it cannot be used. No matter if GUI, Web, Big Data, Computer Vision, Dev-Ops – everywhere it has fingers in it. And you can start with small scripts and create big systems. But, why python training is necessary for your career in programming language development? How is Python Training in Noida courses? Let’s have a close look.

What Does The Course Cover?

In the course, you’ll learn the basic programming concepts that will help you understand other programming languages ​​besides Python.

  • Lesson: Introduction to Programming and Variables
  • Lesson: Conditions and loops
  • Lesson: Lists, Boolean and another for loop
  • Lesson: Functions and Testing
  • Lesson: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Lesson: Retrieving data from a website (JSON & API)
  • Lesson: Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Lesson: PIP and conclusion

Why it is Important?

In programming, it is important to practice what you have learned to understand and anchor it. Therefore, you must attach great importance to practical exercises that will allow you to deepen your knowledge. You will be supported by the lecturers during the course and can ask questions directly, should something not be clear. In the course, you will perform up to 10 different programming projects (computer programs). This will help you in the future to create your own programs and projects.

What is The Knowledge Useful For?

The course gives you an introduction to programming and shows you the concepts behind the programming. So it is particularly suitable for beginners and those who want to get a basic understanding of programming. After the course, you will be able to create your own projects and concepts. In addition, the course provides a good foundation for further orientation in web development, mobile applications or other topics.

What is The Importance of Python?

Since Python is a “high level” language, you usually do not develop drivers with it. C / C ++ is still the most widely used language. IMHO Java is still dominant in the “business” environment. And for low-level stuff, C / C ++ is still good. It’s very fast to get in Python. You do not need to start with programs, compiling and paths in the system settings. Just open a Python console and try code lines interactively.

Characteristics for Python

Python has a very good math connection. Python has a very good C ++ connection (Swig). Python has a very good QT connection (PYQT). Python is a good shell scripting replacement (Linux). Another benefit is the many paradigms of programming that you can use with Python. From simple procedural programming over OO to functional aspects. Sure, it will never be a purely functional language, but with a little bit of discipline, you can do a lot of functionality there.

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