How to Jump Like a Beach Volleyball Player

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If you think of every sport that in the world, there is not a sport where every person jumps as much as they do in beach volleyball.  Not only do beach volleyball players jump more often but every time they do, it requires more energy because they are jumping out of deep sand.  So naturally the best jumpers in the world are beach volleyball players. 

The best thing you can do to learn how to jump higher is to properly train your muscles through plyometric exercises.  Plyometrics are jumping exercises that are specifically designed to increase your vertical leap.  The science behind plyometrics is that you are teaching the stretch-reflex tendons to fire with more intensity.  To do this you must do some of your jump training on a hard floor even though you may be playing in the sand for your sport.  The reason for this is that you need to be able to bounce off of the floor as quickly as possible without letting yourself settle. 

A great exercise for this is to step off of a box and as soon as you touch the floor you jump on another box that is higher than the first.  You want to treat the ground as if it were lava and you want to be in contact with it for the shortest amount of time possible.  This will teach your golgi tendon reflex to fire with more accuracy.  This reaction happens so quickly that your brain doesn’t even know about it, it simply goes to your spinal cord and then back to the legs.

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