How To Open A Compounding Pharmacy from Scratch?

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The pharmacy business is one of the most profitable after the business related to food, alcohol and tobacco. Demand for medicines and related products is growing steadily.

This is partly due to poor ecology, and a high concentration of harmful substances in food products, and with a closer attention of people to their health. The average pharmacy check is quite comparable to the average check from the supermarket. 

At first glance, this segment of the market seems closed and quite difficult to enter. In fact, this is not so at all. Previously, indeed, pharmacies were purely a family business, and administrative barriers to pharmacy were difficult to overcome. 

Now, if a person has sufficient initial capital and the necessary business qualities, then he often begins to wonder how to open a pharmacy from scratch and where to start.

Pharmacies can be of several types, namely:


  • Pharmacy; 
  • Pharmacy store or kiosk; 
  • Pharmacy of finished drugs; 
  • Industrial pharmacy; 
  • Pharmacy with the right to produce aseptic drugs;

It is better to choose from the first three options. And the pharmacy of ready-made medicines here has the widest range of functions, including the possibility of selling prescription drugs.

By opening a pharmacy, you will take care of the prospects for further business expansion. For example, you can open several drugstores, and the pharmacy will become their head office. Documents required to open a pharmacy

Documents required to open a compounding pharmacy

In order to open a pharmacy, you need the following documents:


  • Obtain a license to sell drugs in retail; 
  • obtain permission from the fire department; 
  • contact the SES and get a sanitary passport of the premises and permission to use it as a pharmacy.

Even if you collect documents at maximum speed and with the strain of all forces, it will take at least a month and a half.

Trade Organization Form

First you need to decide whether the display will be closed when the goods are behind the glass of the window, or open when the customers themselves can take the goods, as in a supermarket. 

Of course, a closed display is safer, but an open display immediately increases sales by 20-30%. But these figures work only for pharmacies located in busy crowded places with a cross-country capacity of more than 10 thousand people a day. If patency is less, then an open calculation does not lead to a significant increase in profits.

What you need to open a pharmacy from scratch 

Room requirements

Although many seek to open a pharmacy in the city center, near the metro or in a large shopping center, most people still prefer to visit the pharmacy closest to the house. 

At the same time, slightly higher prices than competitors usually are not taken into account. Therefore, the best place to open a pharmacy is a sleeping area, quite lively and densely populated.

The minimum floor area should be 75-80 square meters, which will include:

  • shopping room;
  • a place to store drugs;
  • place for staff.

Well, if there is still an office for the head and accountant, an archive, a business unit. 

When choosing finishing materials, it should be remembered that the pharmacy will regularly produce wet cleaning using disinfectants. The floor of pharmacies is usually either tiled or covered with linoleum with welded seams. 

Medicines need to be stored in a sterile clean room. Do not forget that different drugs need different storage conditions. Some drugs are afraid of heat, others are afraid of light, while others need a certain level of humidity. 

Indoors must be present alarms (security, fire, sound and sound) and ventilation. In the place of storage of goods should be sensors that monitor the parameters of the air. 

And this is only part of the requirements that must be considered when opening a pharmacy. Just bringing the original premises in proper form will require at least tens of thousands of dollars. 


It is much more profitable to rent a room than to acquire it as a property. It is better to conclude a contract with a fixed monthly payment for 1-2 years. This will save your business from economic instability and other external factors.