How to recover a Gmail account?

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We all have many Google accounts that we create for our time to time needs and sometimes, we forget our login credentials and get into our account. But you don’t need to worry about it as; Google provides a Gmail account recovery service to ensure that you need not make a new account every time you forget your password. So, How to proceed to recover Gmail account? Let’s see it below.

How to recover a Gmail password?

When you create a Gmail account you get a unique e-mail address and your password and if you forget your password then follow these steps.

1. Open chrome in your device and search for Google sign in.

2. Then go to the Gmail account recovery page and enter your e-mail address.

3. Enter the last password you remember and if you aren’t able to recall it then click on “Try a different question”.

4. Google will ask a few questions that you’re answered while setting your account and will verify based on your entered responses.

5. If that didn’t work than you can send a verification code to your alternate e-mail and phone number which you entered while creating your account. Check spam or junk for verification code.

6. After complete verification, you can enter a new password for your account and confirm it.


How to recover a Google account from a forgotten email address or a deleted Google account? 

Sometimes we forget our email address and it will become more difficult for us to recover our account but nothing is impossible that’s what Google thinks. If you had deleted your account recently and want to activate it then you again need to go to the Gmail account recovery page and follow the below-listed steps.

1. Type your recovery email or registered a phone number to find your Gmail account.

2. Then enter your full name associated with your Gmail account, and click “Next”. If you entered relevant details then you will surely found your lost email address.


How to recover a hacked Gmail account?

Hacking is popular these days so it is important to protect your details. But if someone else may get access to your Gmail account then you must know how to recover hacked Gmail account. Make sure to inform authorities such as Google and the bank in case you have stored sensitive information. For that, you need to simply follow the below steps.

1. Go to “security” from your Google account page.

2. In “Recent security events”, click “Review security events”

3. Click “Yes” if you have done any recent activity otherwise; click “No” if someone else using your account.

All the above-listed steps are sufficient to get back all types of Gmail account again. For more tips and tools to maintain your Gmail account efficiently, you can check Instaclean. We at Instaclean are providing services for the more optimized management of your mailbox.