How To Solve The Problem of Dandruff?

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The problem of dandruff is addressed quite often, and both men and women come equally. Often this problem becomes an accidental find at the examination by a dermatologist. Dandruff is a symptom of other diseases. For example, it may be the result of chronic skin diseases. The most common of them is psoriatic lesion of the scalp.

Often dandruff is a manifestation of seborrheic dermatitis. It develops due to increased secretion of sebum and Malassesia fungus. But there is also “dry dandruff”, the reason for which is only in fungal infection.

In adolescence, when puberty is underway, the problem may arise due to endocrine disorders. And in adults, one of the main factors is stress, it has already been proven. Also, dandruff may appear due to violations of the gastrointestinal tract, improper hair care.

– Can dandruff result from rubbing your head too much while washing?

– No. Sometimes dry scalp is interpreted as dandruff, but this is not entirely correct. Small peeling is not scary: the keratinized part of the epidermis is rejected regularly. But when the plates of exfoliated skin are very large and there are many, this is dandruff.

How to get rid of her?

It is necessary to eliminate the cause. First of all, to regulate the psycho-emotional state. Secondly, put in order the gastrointestinal tract. Sometimes sedative, enzymatic drugs are prescribed (if there is a violation of the digestive system) available at Santa Monica pharmacy.

If the case is seborrheic dermatitis, then azole antifungal agents are prescribed. Plus keratolytic shampoos: they eliminate peeling. They include tar, salicylic acid or ichthyol. In severe forms of seborrheic dermatitis, antifungal drugs must be prescribed for oral administration, including zinc preparations that regulate the release of sebum.

Why dandruff shampoos do not always work?

– We return to the etiology. If the reason is increased secretion of sebum and the presence of fungus, and we only dry the skin, then we remove one reason, and the second remains. Treatment should be comprehensive.

I read that dandruff shampoo is not recommended for more than two months in a row.

 – Absolutely right. Ph, moisture of the skin can be disturbed and the therapeutic effect may decrease. Therefore, the recommended period must be observed.

Can you cure her once and for all?

– Unfortunately not. If there are stressful situations, disruptions in the endocrine system, the problem will recur. Therefore, in order to have a healthy scalp, you need to lead a full, healthy lifestyle.

Do folk remedies, such as egg masks, burdock oil, kefir, work?

– This question is often asked. Because they resort to the help of a dermatologist and trichologist in the last turn. When all the funds have been exhausted, the advice of my grandmother and mother has been tested, and there has been no improvement, then okay, I’ll go and listen to the doctor. As a doctor, I can’t say that folk methods are bad or good. In order to evaluate them, it is necessary to take a group of patients with the same condition of the scalp and divide into three groups: the first should be treated with the classical method, the second with the folk method, and the third should not be treated at all. Then we’ll see if the egg masks and kefir really work. But I can’t deny their action either, because, I repeat, I did not check.

To get rid of dandruff, on the Internet it is also advised to rub table salt or sea salt at the hair roots.

– This is a very dangerous technique, since salt acts on the scalp as well as soda, – we risk getting a burn. And given that table salt now contains iodine, other problems may arise. No experiments are needed on the skin. This is an organ whose diseases manifest themselves very quickly and make a person feel uncomfortable in society. If the fact that you have a sick stomach can be invisible to others, then flaws on the skin are immediately visible.