How To Stop Bedwetting

Bedwetting is the involuntary passage of urine at night. With millions of bedwetters, it’s important to note that no one wets the bed on purpose. Bedwetting happens by accident. It happens because the brain bladder communication has either not been fully established (bedwetting children and teenage bedwetting) or the communication has been disrupted (adult bed wetting). In either case, the important question is how to stop bedwetting?

Bedwetting can be caused by a number of reasons including stress, death of a loved one, parental separation, divorce, new school/work environment and moving to a new city/school/work. Often parents and bedwetters ask why bedwetting happens, what causes bedwetting and how to stop bedwetting with bedwetting solutions. There are many available bedwetting solutions aimed to stop enuresis (medical term for bedwetting) including medication, bedwetting alarms, enuresis clinics, hypnosis and more. Bedwetting alarms are often recommended as the best answer to the “how to stop bedwetting question”.

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