How To Take Care of a Toothache in an Emergency?

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Toothache is familiar to everyone even the appearance of the first milk teeth is accompanied by unpleasant sensations. If a tooth hurts you should consult a specialist but if there is no such possibility a toothache has caught you and for some reason do not want to go to the doctor at all then you can reduce it, or maybe completely get rid of it in natural ways. But remember, all these remedies are not treated and in most cases they only relieve symptoms and help slow down the spread of the disease. The main advantage of their use is prevention. 

There are quite a few reasons for toothache, starting with irritation in contact with hot or cold fluids by mechanical damage and ending with diseases of the oral cavity and the teeth themselves and the roots and gums.

One of the most common causes of tooth pain is pulpitis. Pulpitis is accompanied by acute and sharp pain and the reason for this is inflammation of the pulp (connective tissue filling the cavity of the tooth). Such pain may not be constant but pulsating or temporarily receding.

Carious pain, usually not too sharp but long and aching. Pain arises with caries and a piece of food falling into the carious focus. 

Exposure of the pulp can do mechanical damage to the tooth will inevitably lead to pain. Sometimes it happens that not immediately, but after a few hours or even days.

Get rid of toothache at home without pills

There are many ways to relieve toothache, but each body reacts differently and the causes of pain can be different, so there is no guarantee that all this will help 100%. But there are many ways before you select dental care and most likely at least one will help relieve toothache.

A way to get rid of toothache at home implies that the materials and products available at home will be used for this.

For example:

1) mix cucumber pickle with vinegar one to one and rinse the mouth on the side of the affected tooth,

2) rinse your mouth with warm saline (a tablespoon of salt in a glass of water)

3) rinse with warm water and soda (a teaspoon of soda in a glass of water)

If the pain is carious, then rinsing usually helps

Once again, you need to remember that even if the toothache temporarily recedes, soon it will certainly recur, since the cause of its occurrence in 99% of cases will not be eliminated. As soon as possible, you need to see a doctor for best dental care Torrance.

To relieve toothache in old ways

Old methods are always very ambiguous, for example, sticking a plantain root in your ear and sitting for half an hour is a rather dubious method.

Here are examples of completely working options for getting rid of toothache and prevention :

1) you can use the “miraculous” plantain, for this you need to rinse the leaf well then grind it into pulp and attach it to a bad tooth.

2) a sage decoction – a spoonful of ground sage and a half cups of water, boil over low heat, then insist for an hour (repeat rinsing 4-5 times every half hour)

3) oregano infusion (in a ratio of 1/10 mix oregano with hot insist with water for several minutes and rinse your mouth)

4) propolis is simply applied to a diseased tooth, and its beneficial substances not only relieve toothache, but also have a beneficial effect in the treatment of many ailments.

5) mix garlic with onions, salt and grate the pulp and put the teeth on the patient, a very effective tool.

Alternative Toothache Treatment

These methods include massage of the auricle. Massage is performed as follows: the index finger and thumb are applied to the upper edge of the ear along the side of the diseased tooth and begin to massage it for 5-7 minutes, then, without stopping the massage
Movements and they are moved to the earlobe. If ear massage does not help, you can try hand massage.