How to Install Many Versions of MS Office on a Single Device?

Due to a large number of problems that generate when attempting to install various versions of MS Office from, it’s best to hold to having one version of MS Office on your device. In fact, having the latest version of MS Office will likely keep you from the most problems.

Still, if you emphasize on running more than one version of MS Office, here are some actions you can choose to reduce issues you’ll face into.

  • Check That All MS Office Versions Are For the Same System Type (Bits)

Because you cannot install the 32-bit and 64-bit setup of MS Office, whatever the software versions are either 2007 or 2010 or 2013. And remember that the 32-bit version of MS Office can work either with the 32-bit or 64-bit Operating system of the device. Sometimes, MS Office setup may install as 32-bit and you already have the 64-bit version of MS Office on your device. So it’s better to get advice from the MS Office support team at Office.Com/Myaccount and choose which is best for you.

  • Install Old Versions of MS Office Before Latest Version

For Example, if you are attempting to install MS Office 2007 and MS Office 2010 on the same device, you should start with MS Office 2007. The purpose of this is that each installation includes a collection of driving elements. Each has a particular manner for its given software, registry keys, extensions for files, and other features are managed.

The same exists for MS Office software that is bought individually or that need a different installation. For example, you might buy Microsoft Project or Microsoft Visio independently. Old Version should still be downloaded and installed before newer versions, in the device.

But if you try to install the next version of MS Outlook, the Setup software will only do so instead of other versions you may already have installed. You will be asked to choose one from wither Keep These Programs or Remove Previous Versions. Other applications in the MS Office suite may generate some difficulties as well. For ex. the MS Office users notice the issues when installing many versions of MS Access application.

If you are facing such issues or fell into a condition where some applications install perfectly and others do not recognize uninstalling one of the many versions of that software if desired. As per your software is selected, you may or may not be capable to do this on your own. In such situations, you can either select just one version of MS Office or contact to Microsoft Support team at Www.Office.Com/Setup.

  • Embedded OLE Objects as per Default setting in the Earliest Version

In MS Office, OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) Objects are document parts from software other than the one you are operating in. For example, you may include an Excel spreadsheet in an MS Word document.

If you Enter OLE Objects into an MS Word document, such objects will be arranged as per the latest version of MS Office installed on your device, although of which version you are running in your device. This means difficulties will definitely generate if you are distributing files with someone who has other versions of MS Office than yours.

So, if you choose to go into a multi-version MS Office installation, without any issues then contact MS Office Support team. You can also ask if you have any issues about these or to get additional guidance to the MS Office support team at Office.Com/Setup.

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