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About iPhone Online Training

  • This is an introductory course to learn iOS technology
  • This course theme is to develop iPhone, iPad and iPod mobile applications development.
  • It covers all the real-time applications scenarios which exist in iOS or in App store live apps.
  • iOS course covers Xcode(IDE), iOS SDK for iPhone, Mac, watch and Apple TV applications development.
  • Why go for the mobile development even had a lot of software apps.
  • Importance of mobile apps in the future in the digital world.
  • This course doesn’t require any prior programming knowledge because you are going to learn new languages “Swift” and “Objective-C”
  • The course covers iOS applications development with “Swift “and “Objective-C” programming languages.
  • In this course, you will be exposed to fundamentals of programming to become logically perfect and you will learn Object Oriented and swift scripting programming approach with real-time scenarios.
  • You will learn and practice absolutely entire iOS architecture with real-time scenarios.
  • In this program, you will learn how to create the design, develop, code, build, install and submit mobile apps to the App Store.
  • Xcode can be used for Mobile application development, Mac desktop asp, watch, TV apps and swift server development.
  • Always introduce latest development tools and operating system.

What are the Course Objectives?

  • Understanding fundamentals of Swift Programming including syntaxes, data types, defining classes, functions, creating objects…..
  • Understanding logical programming including control structures, loops, flow charts, patterns…..
  • Introduction to Xcode, iOS simulators, interface building and Event handling.
  • Introduction to iOS architecture with layers Cocoa Touch, Media services, Core Services and Core OS.
  • Create a design using auto layouts to compatible with multiple iPhone devices.
  • Understanding Object-oriented programming approach like constants, variables, class extensions, subclassing and blocks.
  • Implement the GPS and location services to track user locations in the application(Ex: Cab system, Pizza delivery system, etc.)
  • Acquiring knowledge in other aspects like Exception handling, Multi-threading, Collection framework…..
  • Create apps by acquiring knowledge of design patterns MVC, Singleton and protocol delegation.
  • Working with Local databases like Core Data, SQLite and Plist.
  • Introduce entire iOS architecture with all real-time oriented apps development.
  • Creating apps with advanced controllers like UINavigation, UITabbar controller, UI scroll views, UItableVeiws controllers and UIcollectionview controllers.
  • App development with client-server using web services ie. Interact with mobile-to-mobile using backend interface via the Internet.
  • Working with GPS navigation systems and Camera controllers, contacts, email composer.
  • Integration of third libraries or SDKs to the Xcode project, ie social media apps integration.
  • Integration of external accessory libraries or SDKs into Xcode projects.
  • Design and implement applications using the cocoa touch layer frameworks like UIKit.
  • Developing two or three live app store apps, code, design, run on the device and submit to App store.
  • Providing back up classes if students absent or providing video lectures for missing topics.

Who should do this Course?

  • In amazing days iOS is the one of most appetite and bidding technology.
  • The person from any degree completion can learn this course, no prior to having other language knowledge.
  • Anyone from any background can learn coz we cover from the language basics introduction and app development with real-time scenarios.
  • To become a complete iOS application developer, this is a practically oriented course.
  • You can also become as watch OS or TV OS developer after learning the iOS.

iPhone Online Training Course Duration

  • “Naresh IT” understands the problems like security reasons, time availability and distance in attending classes of different people including students, professionals and the people living in other countries.
  • We are providing iOS training in various environments like classroom training, online training, peer to peer training, weekend training and corporate training.

iPhone Online Training Course Overview

  • Operators and Data Types
  • Conditionals and Control Flow
  • Collection Types
  • Enumerations& Closures
  • Classes, Properties, Functions & Structures
  • Design Patterns
  • Extensions, Access Controls and Protocols
  • XCode Tool and UI Design
  • UIControls and UI View Controllers
  • Basic UIKIT Controls and properties
  • Image Views and Animations
  • Dynamic UI Design and Advanced Controls
  • Navigation and Tab bar Controls
  • Auto Layouts and Constraints
  • UIWebView and HTML Content
  • Table Views and Collection Views
  • Media Services
  • Map Views and Location services
  • Web Services and Directory Creations
  • Databases in iOS
  • Working with Threads
  • Quality Assurance
  • App Store Submission

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