An Ultimate Guide For Taking Care Of A Patient After Kidney Transplant

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Kidney Transplantation

A patient would like to resume to his/her normal life after a kidney transplantation carried out at the best hospital for a kidney transplant. But it is important to understand the limits and be moderate towards activities. The human body will take its own time towards healing and towards adjusting to the new medications.

Recovery and Immediate Care after Kidney Transplantation

The hospitals usually discharge the kidney transplantation patient in a maximum of ten days after surgery. If there are any complications the stay could be prolonged. The patient remains in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) up to 48 hours after surgery and will remain in the care of the transplant team until he/she is fully discharged from the kidney transplant hospital.

Remember that aftercare is very important for kidney transplantation success. You should gather all the advice and information before leaving the hospital. Your transplant team and the doctor will provide you with the necessary medications, instructions and may also tell you to undergo certain tests.

Long-Term Therapeutic Care

The patient needs to be in contact with his/her doctor and the transplant coordinator for nearly a year after the transplant surgery. During this time the patient needs to consult the medical care provider each week. Later on, a nephrologist may evaluate and analyse the condition of the patient. Routine medical checkup would be undertaken so that the functioning and state of the kidney can be monitored. Blood tests are also carried out regularly.


The patients are provided certain drugs by the doctor so that his or her body does not reject the graft or transplanted kidney. There may be side effects of these medications as well, and if they occur they should be immediately reported to the concerned doctor. As the medications include the immunosuppressant drugs, the immunity of the human body may get lowered. Hence the patient is required to avoid getting infected by practising better hygiene habits and by avoiding getting in contact with people who carry infections or are sick.


It is advised that the patient takes a complete rest at home for a minimum of one month after kidney transplantation. Only nutritious food should be consumed and the patient should avoid junk and fast foods and other unhealthy foods. You should see that all the essentials for rest including your reading material, television or radio remotes, water bottles and the like are close to you. There should be some help available at home so that you do not have to cook the food or care for your kids and pets during the resting period. Those recovering after kidney transplant should not lift heavy weights (greater than 10 pounds) for a month after the surgery. During this period they should also avoid exercises. If there are no complications, they can resume the lighter activities later on.

A leading and best hospital for kidney transplant will provide you expert aftercare procedures and medications after that transplantation surgery is over. The expert doctors and physicians are also highly vigilant and see to it that no or least number of complications and side effects occur.

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