How To Maintain Your Badminton Racket

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It is necessary that you just beware of your racket so it will perform at its best, particularly if you spent a great deal of cash on that. During this post, we’ll be discussing the various ways that you’ll take care of your racket showing you each smart and dangerous examples.

Storing Your Badminton Racket

How you store your racket will confirm its life. You would like to create positive that your racket is well soft and placed in a very cool dry area.

Keeping your racket in a very case and putting it within a bag would be the best setting to produce most racket and support for your racket. This may facilitate forestall injury that will occur to your racket ought to there be any compressible force engaged on it. Before purchasing Badminton racket you have to take care of a few things and you should know how to choose the best Badminton racket.

Some Badminton racket baggage together with a thermal-lined compartment that protects your rackets from any warmth changes. Not solely will this preserve your racket, it conjointly protects the strings also.

Badminton Racket Frame

The frame of your racket is that space wherever most injury happens. The foremost common injury you may realize is painted chips on the frame. Though paints chips don’t have an effect on the racket in any approach, it’s not pleasant to appear at particularly after you have over one chip on the frame.

Paint chips typically occur from racket clashes or from any kind of impact on the frame. All in all, paint chips don’t seem to be that serious of a drag associated additional of an aesthetic issue.

One issue you must look out for square measure cracks on the racket frame. These square measure quite serious and typically shortens your rackets life. Cracks square measure usually found wherever there square measure paint chips as a result of if the impact on the frame is robust enough to form a crack, the paint will certainly come back off also.

You can determine a crack on the Badminton racket as a skinny black line that is sort of noticeable since the racket frame can look gray once the paint has come back off. The severity of the crack depends on the scale and also the depth of the crack. These problems you will face while playing Badminton in Badminton Court in Gurgaon.

From personal expertise, the scale and depth go hand in hand and if serious enough, the frame can collapse and deform because of the stress from the strings engaged on the weakened spot on the frame.

Once there’s a crack on the racket frame, you will solely be ready to string the racket many additional times and at a lower tension before it breaks.


Grommets square measure the limited black cylinders that sit around the racket frame wherever the string goes through. Their purpose is to act as a cushion between the string and also the frame. Grommets have to be compelled to get replaced once they square measure broken or it will doubtless injury the string and also the frame.

Grommets will break in 2 places. The top of the eyelet and also the body. The top is that the half that sits on the surface of the frame. They forestall the string from sitting directly on the frame. If broken, the stress from the string is going to be sitting on the frame of the racket and cause vast amounts of stress. If stringing at high tensions, the string will “eat” or “sink” into the racket frame as delineate within the image below.

The body of the eyelet is that the half that’s on the within of the frame. They forestall the string from touching the sides of the opening within the frame. If the eyelet body is broken, the string is going to be touching the sting of the opening and this will increase the probabilities of the string snapping at that time.

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