Popular Causes Of Air Conditioning Failure.

A lot of homeowners never bother about the maintenance of their heating air conditioning systems. You may have been in this situation before and it is  understandable. When you want to install a heating and air conditioning system, Oak Island Air Conditioning and Heating is an experienced organization that deals in  assisting people overcome disturbing problems concerning HVAC systems. Below are a number of popular issues that you should  watch out for if you want to avoid damage to your HVAC system.

Frozen coil

As air conditioning systems work by bringing in warm air where after this warm air is cooled by the blown back and coils into the house. If your air filter is dirty, it could block the flow of air and make the coils freeze. This is a situation that could have been prevented by cleaning your air filter regularly or maintained by professional experts.

Faulty wiring

If you identify the circuit breaker is faulty on your air conditioning system at anytime it is on, then this shows how poor your wiring system is. Heating and air conditioner wiring is very dangerous as it could lead to a fire outbreak. Ensure your wiring system is checked immediately you identify anything unusual.

Avoiding cleaning and maintenance

Having your heating and air conditioning system inspected in every three months by a skilled technician, could have potential issues found even before they occur. This prevents your system from getting broken by protecting the dirt build up.

Refrigerant issues

Heating and air conditioning system work by using a refrigerant chemical for cooling the air off. At any moment you notice that the air conditioner is no longer blowing out cold air, it means that there is a leaking refrigerant. An issue that prevents your air conditioner from functioning at its best. In this scenario, you could have your refrigerant replaced or looked at by an professional.

Faulty thermostat

An important element of air conditioning systems is a thermostat because it is works by keeping the air indoors at desired temperatures.  When it is broken and starts turning off and on without stopping, it may cause issues at your house’s temperature at levels you do not like.

The majority of frequently asked questions about repairing  is when to call for assistance. Though your HVAC system could still be blowing a level of cool air, it necessarily does not mean it will not gain from the repair. Once you start  noticing that your HVAC system doesn’t cycle off and on or that the coils could be frozen or identify fluids, then immediately call for expert attention for you HVAC system

Every human being deserves a perfect HVAC system and service that should be nothing short of what you get delivered at Oak Island Heating and Air Conditioning by experienced professionals. Simply visit us from our website to get an estimate. Once you have had us  fix your system, you will also consider choosing  us on a your maintenance plan to avoid breakdowns and huge issues in the future.


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