Popular Ring Styles – A Look at In-Demand Jewelry

A trip to any jewelry store will show a variety of diamond engagement rings. Designs can be minimalist, experimental, extravagant or otherwise catch the imagination. Certain diamond cuts and settings draw in people again and again. Their shine, their crafting or symbolism have a broad appeal.

The round brilliant cut diamond was created to be the brightest possible jewel. Its mix of brilliance, fire and scintillation makes it a constant favorite. Most round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings showcase the stone’s light display. Prongs, pedestal-like cathedral settings and side stones underscore the jewel and add more light.

Princess cut diamonds are square to round brilliant’s circle. Its crown is made of step cut parallel facets, while its deep pavilion provides brilliance. The design makes a beautiful stone which preserves carat weight. Princess cut engagement rings are popular due to their shine, and how their shape stands out from the round brilliant.

Heart shaped loose diamonds are brilliant jewels modified to resemble the valentine’s symbol. They’re a complex cut, with lobes, wings, a belly and more. Their romantic connotations make them a sought-after stone. Heart engagement rings may appeal to the sentimental.

Solitaire engagement rings get their name from the single diamond on their bands. Timeless variations include prong set cushion or round brilliant rings. Moderns tastes use different jewels, including styles like the princess or heart. Other mounts or shanks may include bezels, cathedrals or asymmetric bands.

Three stone diamond rings are made with three jewels of the same cut. Two gems are the same size, and sit on either side of the larger stone. As with solitaires, many cuts, including round brilliants and princesses look good with this design. This type of ring is usually prong set, and may have halos around one or more gemstones.

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