Radiant Cut Diamond Rings – Uncommonly Bright Stones

Radiant cut diamonds premiered in the 1970s. They were initially patented, but now any cutter may create them. They’re rectangular jewels with cropped corners and concentrated brightness. Their brilliance makes them a choice cut for engagement rings and diamond wedding bands.

The cut combines the shape of the emerald cut and light return of a round brilliant. Jewels which exhibit properties of both step and brilliant cuts are called mixed cuts. They’re designed to shine while preserving carat. Radiant and princess cut engagement rings are popular examples.

The brilliance radiant diamonds give off enhances the appeal of the jewel. Its light helps disguise clarity characteristics, making it a good match for stones of modest clarity. Depending on the diamond’s color, a radiant cut can lighten or intensify its hue.

Unlike some other cuts, there is no set way to create a perfect radiant cut. Instead, there are a few guidelines. Ideal radiant cut diamonds have two sets of parallel sides. Its corners are even, neither too wide nor too shallow. The bottom most point of the jewel should be centered to create optimal light return.

Radiant cut diamond rings are attractive in many settings. Mounts such as prong and half bezel encourage light to travel through the gemstone. Those who want to further brighten their ring may wish to add halos, side stones or extra diamonds on the shank.

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