Silicon Carbide Manufacturer Offers High-Grade of Silicon Carbide

From a selected and top silicon carbide manufacturer, you can buy high-grade and latest green silicon carbide — mainly for the production — basically the same with that of black silicon carbide. But, the requirements on raw materials are different as Green silicon carbide is mainly made of petroleum coke and high-quality silica; while salt is added as additive. It is smelted by resistance furnace at high temperature. Not to mention crystal purity and hardness that is high; while hardness is between corundum and diamond. Its mechanical strength is also important that is higher than corundum.

Abrasive Stocks is a one stop name to find the reputed silicon carbide manufacturer  — the world’s first vertical B2B trading platform. It has been focusing on abrasive’s stock transaction that include upstream and downstream companies and trading needs along with refractory, metallurgy and foundry industries. They are committed to integrating global inventory information on abrasive material and helping buyers to find quality suppliers and help China’s small and medium sized enterprises directly participate in the international trades.

You have to go through the details of the silicon carbide of your choice, add to cart and place your order. Your satisfaction is an achievement for top manufacturer and supplier. So, what you are looking for, reach the top silicon carbide manufacturer and buy the right quantity and type of silicon carbide according to your industrial needs.

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