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best online grocery in Chennai

The basic necessity of every homemaker is to shop for groceries. Though, to your utter surprise you can fulfil this necessity of yours by sitting at home and browsing the internet. Yes, you got it right, Shop online! A cross the country there are many online grocery stores that will swiftly help you with grocery shopping while staying in the comforts of your home. Here we present you the list of best online grocery in Chennai that will make life easier for you. Open their website and shop for whatever you want.

Enlisting best online grocery stores in Chennai

  1. Big Basket
    Big Basket stands out to be the best online grocery store present in India, which covers more than 14,000 products and 1000 brands under its catalog. You can buy any type of grocery stuff from their online grocery in Chennai websites. They have various delivery slots which you can select according to your convenience and they offer facilities like payment through credit cards and free delivery on orders above Rs 1000/-. Apart from Chennai, they also function in cities like Banglore, Mumbai, Mysore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Delhi.
  2. Local Banya
    Next in our list is Local Banya. You can easily register under them and start ordering your items. All the items above Rs. 500 will be backed up with free delivery. They provide you 3 kinds of subscription plans that is for 3 Months for Rs 1999/-, for 6 Months for Rs 3999/-, and for 12 for Rs 7999/-. As a mode of payment, they accept net banking and credit cards with no Cash on Delivery facility
  3. ZopNow
    For shopping grocery online, ZopNow is a very efficient online store. It provides the facility of Cash on Delivery to its clients and delivers all items free of cost with no shipping charges at all. They have 5-time slots to deliver things, every 3 hours. They also run loyalty programs where they offer benefits on all orders above Rs. 500/-.
  4. Nature Basket
    Nature Basket is a well-known online-grocery-in-Chennai owned and managed by Godrej. It covers over 15000 products. It offers free delivery on all the orders above Rs. 1000 and for orders below Rs. 1000/- they charge Rs. 30 only. They offer the facility of payment through Cash on Delivery as well as credit cards.
  5. Reliance Fresh Direct
    Reliance fresh direct covers all sorts of products. It charges a sum of Rs. 25/- as delivery charges on all orders below Rs. 750/-. They offer 4 different slots for deliveries. This online grocery in Chennai provides the facility of Cash on Delivery, credit cards, net banking and debit cards as well as the mode of payments.

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