Success Story: Bariatric Surgery on a Super Obese High-Risk Patient

Performing bariatric surgery on these super obese patients is a challenging exercise not just for surgeons, but more importantly from a Cardiologist, Anesthetist, Critical Care Team, and also in nursing rehabilitation point of view.

After completing a successful gastric bypass on a 200 kg adult patient PACE team has once again proved their efficiency by performing bariatric surgery on a 29-year-old male with 220 kg weight.

Kudos to the PACE team for pulling it off safely and successfully in an extremely high-risk Patient.

About the Case:

A 29-year-old male with 220 kg weight, super obese with a BMI of 75 Kg/mwas completely bedridden for past 3 months and admitted to PACE hospitals with obesity-related congestive cardiac failure and type 1 respiratory failure.

Doctors optimized the cardiac status of the patient with the help of diuretics and optimized the respiratory status with the help of BiPAP for 2 weeks before the surgery.

Surgeons then performed a sleeve gastrectomy as a stage 1 procedure on the patient.

The patient has recovered well, following 2 months of the procedure the patient has become 180 kg and is ambulant, and off the oxygen support.

Doctors have planned for a stage 2 gastric bypass surgery after a couple of months.

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