To support State Election safety, what McAfee Antivirus Software can do?

Recently the well-known cyber security company “McAfee” announced that it will give Free McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud to Support Safe State Election Systems.

McAfee which is one of the leading device-to-cloud cyber security organizations decided to help state election security by providing free 1 year (12 months) license to their one of the product known as McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud. McAfee announced it in their official website Www.Mcafee.Com/Activate.

The McAfee Cloud for Protected Elections system will guarantee that the cloud-based data storage and other voter data are correctly configured for best safety and are continuously observed for internal and external interference and that no voter information is poorly uploaded to or distributed from cloud services.

Ken Kartsen who is the senior vice president of federal sales in McAfee said that “McAfee believes that together is Power and is committed to protecting the integrity of the electoral system. We believe McAfee Cloud for Secured Elections Program will fill a foundational security requirement for the cloud by protecting against intrusion from those who aim to change the outcomes of our elections.” And he also added, “McAfee is committed to putting our cyber security expertise to work in the defense of democracy around the world.”

McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud offers a complete monitoring, auditing and remediation resolution for all the infrastructure-as-a-service or software-as-a-service (SaaS) environments, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Box.

State election directors who take benefit of the proposal of McAfee can use McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud to assure the probity and safety of their voter data during the election period.

Benefits of McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud in State election

  1. AWS and Azure protection: State election officials can continuously observe AWS and Azure storage devices that house voter data to guarantee that they have allowed the most powerful protection settings viable.

  2. Identify jeopardized accounts, Risks, and free access misuse for AWS, Azure, Office 365, and Box: Risked accounts may b the cyber attacks to target U.S. Government security so McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud works on data science and machine learning to detect the actions in AWS, Azure, Office 365, and Box to ensure that

    1. There are no any Compromised accounts by checking cross-region entrance, brute-force login attacks, or login attempts from different or dubious areas.

    2. There are no any insider threats by discovering abnormal performance over various dimensions covering the data uploaded/downloaded volume, user actions, etc.

  3. Block illegal sensitive election information from being saved in AWS, Azure, Office 365, and Box: McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud’s content analytics engine identifies sensitive data uploaded to IaaS and SaaS services and it will notify for any harmful data entry to the administrator.

  4. Block Data sharing with Unapproved People: McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud gives strong collaboration abilities to block data damage from the improper distribution of voter data via file sharing.

  5. Keep track of AWS, Azure, Office 365, and Box user activity for research in real-time: McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud combines directly with cloud services to give state election officials with comprehensive and granular clarity into how their cloud services are being utilized. McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud takes numbers of different activity kinds and groups them into different sections for smooth examination.

You can simply visit the official website and can get more information on the same. Mcafee.Com/Activate Team is always ready to support each and every use of it, so just contact them for any inquiry.

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