Surrogacy – To the Rescue of Patients Suffering From Infertility!

Surrogacy is an alternate method of reproduction, where a woman (called as surrogate) carries the child of the intended parents in her womb which the intended mother is unable to carry the baby. Couples suffering from biological incapacity or a woman has some health complications that may result into pregnancy complications or an unhealthy child. There can be other reasons also for couples to opt for surrogacy. Surrogacy is very common in western countries among couples of same gender.

There are two types of surrogates: Traditional surrogate and Gestational surrogate.

Traditional Surrogate: The surrogate artificially gets inseminated with the intended father sperm. The surrogate’s eggs then combine with the father’s sperms and an embryo is formed. The surrogate, who is the biological mother of the baby then carries the baby, delivers the baby and gives it to the couple to raise. The intended father and the surrogate are the biological parents of the child so born. In some cases, where the intended father is infertile, donated sperms may also be used.

Gestational Surrogate: This type of surrogacy is possible due to the ‘In Vitro fertilization’ (IVF for short) technique. In this technique, the sperms from the intended father and the egg from the intended mother are taken and the fertilization happens in a lab. The embryo formed is then implanted in the gestational surrogate’s uterus, who carries the baby until delivery. In this case, the intended parents are the biological parents of the child and the surrogate is only the carrier of the child.

No matter what type of surrogate you appoint, any surrogacy pregnancy is as normal as natural pregnancy. The surrogate baby is also as normal as any other baby. There are clinics who look after all the legalities involved in appointing a surrogate, looking after her and handing over the baby to the couples. India is looked at a hub for surrogacy by many countries majorly because, Surrogacy is legal in India and there are some of the best surrogacy clinics in India. India is sought after countries by couples who are willing to go for Surrogacy. As compared to other countries, surrogacy in India costs less. There are well equipped clinics with in house expert doctors who handle, surrogacy and IVF well.

Surrogacy as a process and a surrogate mother can be called as an epitome of nobility as it gives an alternative way through which couples who want to have their own progeny give birth to the child which was not possible otherwise. But, unfortunately, not everyone’s opinion is similar. There is a section is society which looks down upon Surrogacy. There have been claims that, surrogacy is exploiting the surrogate mother as after the childbirth, the woman who has carried the fetus and suffered all the pain, doesn’t get to keep any kind of connection with the child. To counter this, people in favor of surrogacy state that the surrogate is already aware of the whereabouts and still chooses to do so, hence it is fair.

Surrogacy is a process which allows a childless couple to have a child of their own. The feeling of holding one’s baby in one’s hand is blissful. A little baby’s tiny hands, his feet, the small fingers and that innocent smile, all make up not only for a tiring day, but also a messed up life. The entry of a little one’s life is a blessing to the whole family. When the new parents start taking care of the little one, they start working as a team and that’s when many people find true love for each other and a bond that would last for life is felt. The most beautiful day in a family is when their bundle of joy enters their family.

Parenthood is very sacred and gives the family and couple a feeling of completeness. Every couple deserves to have their progeny but are deprived of it due to infertility. There is always a feeling of incompleteness in such couples. Surrogacy is a light of hope to such couples who wish to start a family and thus it would not be wrong to say that, Surrogacy is to the rescue of patients suffering from Infertility!

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