The Kitchen Factory Creates Spacious Bespoke Kitchen Design For Their Client

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Auckland, New Zeland based The Kitchen Factory is pleased to share the details of a stunning kitchen they designed for a client. The Kitchen Factory has a leading team of specialist small kitchen designers in Auckland, and have an office in Mount Roskill, Auckland that serves the whole of New Zeland.

The owner of a particular property in Parnell contacts The Kitchen Factory to design a bespoke kitchen. This particular property was a beautiful townhouse, benefitting from large open windows, bright lighted rooms, and wonderfully high ceilings. It was a practically ideal home crying out for an attractive bespoke kitchen.

What Client Want

The owner is extremely sociable and frequently organizing dinner parties with friends wished their relatively small kitchen to be as useful as possible, with a strong focus on efficient activity around the kitchen to work in a triangle between the sink, cooker, and refrigerator. They also wished for a small dining or workspace to create a multipurpose room which the entire family could use. The kitchen was the place in the home which guests gravitated towards, as the owner enticed them with their delightful cooking creations. And it’s this passion for cooking which created a great requirement for space and storage room for items and equipment usually out of sight.

What They Do

Following the preliminary discussion, The Kitchen Factory visited the house to measure the kitchen. Due to the customer’s brief to increase the space and provide a functional kitchen, their designer also took the peak measurements of the room. This inspired them to use the extra space above the normal kitchen cabinet height for storage of the customers cooking utensils. An integrated bin and corner unit with carousels for deep units was also planned to make the maximum space. The Kitchen Factory acquired appropriate appliances such as the extractor, slide-and-hide cooker, built-in dishwasher, washing machine, and ceramic sink, with left-hand drainer.

This kitchen case study is a fantastic example of the way to build an excellent kitchen, in case you don’t have a useful space. If you like to cook, love to play host and love to spend time with your friends in the hub of the house, getting creative with your cooking skills, The Kitchen Factory can make the ideal atmosphere for just that. A space that’s not only useful and an excellent place to cook, but a lovely space to spend time.

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