Tips to Consider While Shifting from Fuse Box to the Circuit Breaker

As we all know technological advancement have made its room in every field of life. In the same way electrical industry has also adopted it for the benefit of people. Basically, these advancements are meant to provide convenience and better functionality to its users. And from these advancements, latest is a circuit breaker. But before that people prefer to use fuse boxes in their houses, especially in old houses. Although these fuse boxes were great but with the advancement of technology circuit breakers have proved to be the best alternative. Here in this article we are discussing about tips that should be kept in mind while shifting from fuse box to the circuit breaker:

1. Upgrade the Power Supply Before You Switch:

Keep in mind that before shifting to the circuit breakers you should prefer to upgrade your power supply. Because circuit breakers will allow you to use more energy that can’t be possible with an old range of power supply. So now, after that you can easily change the fuse box and install circuit boards to utilize more power. So now you don’t have to make a judgment on which appliance will take how much energy. Because circuit breakers will automatically get tripped when they will see any disturbance in the power usage.

Actually, you should know that cost of installing circuit breaker is less as compared with the rcd fuse box installation cost. Actually circuit breakers are more convenient to use and maintain at very reasonable price. As it will have a large amount of power supply so simply contact your power provider to upgrade your power supply.

2. Prefer to Hire Professional for the Replacement:

Keep in mind that you should always prefer to hire the professional electrician for this work. And avoid doing it by yourself even if you think you are capable of doing it. Basically, this is a very risky work and directly linked with power supply that’s why it should be done by an experienced person. You should prefer to hire the individual who possesses the license and work as a professional electrician. So that he will do the work properly and never create another electrical problem while resolving the previous one.

3. Prefer to Do the Complete Rewiring of Your Home:

Another thing that you should keep in mind while installing the circuit breaker is to replace the wiring. Actually, there are chances that old wiring gets ruptured that’s why it will be a good decision to replace it with new. Obviously circuit breaker will increase the power supply of the house that’s why it is important that you have competent wiring. So rewiring will be the best option you can avail in this situation.

4. Costs to Change from A Fuse Box to A Circuit Breaker:

So if you are living in the old house, then you have to change the entire electrical panel and for this you have to change the fuse box and shift it to the circuit breakers. And new fuse box installation costs will be almost £1,500 and £2,000. But first of all you have to know the difference between circuit breaker and fuse box.

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