trellises for marijuana

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Trellising Marijuana plants with MallaJuana net will yield better and larger buds
In this modern generation there have been so many improvements in the field of agriculture like marijuana trellis and hence the yield that can be obtained from the crops has increased by a huge margin which is indeed a very good thing. If not cared then plants like the cannabis have the gene to grow tall. So naturally they grow tall into trees which are similar to pine trees. They have a bud in the top and at the end of each branch there would be a smaller cola. The reason is that when growing outdoors, sunlight will be uniformly available to all the different branches. But the problem arises when growing indoors. This is because when the plants are indoors the sun is constantly over the plant. So the sun will never be able to completely light all the branches. Also it is very important to make sure that the canopy of the plant is uniform.

Why does one increase yields using Marijuana trellis
And to provide the light uniformly to all the different the bud sites, marijuana trellis is used. This method enables the plants to grow in the sideways direction instead of the vertical direction. This is to make sure that light reaches to all the bud sites evenly. This method of marijuana trellis is very capable and hence it increases the yield of the plant by a margin of thirty percentage. This indeed is a very large margin.

There are numerous things that need to be considered while setting up marijuana trellis and some of them are:

The first method is to put the trellis above the plants when they begin to move into flowering. There are numerous types of trellis and some of them are those made from plastic netting, nylon string. In fact anything that can provide the plants a solid and strong structure can be used as a material for making the marijuana trellis with MALLAJUANA netting. The aim before the farmer is to create a grid from the trellis with vacant spaces in between. These vacant spaces must be large enough so that weaving the buds and the branches won’t be very difficult. One efficient material for trellis is chain links, and the fact is that chain links are way more expensive when considered to other materials like plastic, in fact it is about 75 times more expensive than the plastic materials. Shade nets can also be used. Also care must be taken to ensure not to use materials like fishing lines. The reason is that these can cut through the tissues of the plants.

The second step is to weave the branches of the plants. The branches would be long enough so that they can be bent easily with fingers and placed inside the trellis. Care must be taken so that you don’t snap the branches. Bending the branches will not be a problem because the plants can heal themselves very quickly. Weaving should be continued so that the plants’ branches fill the gaps in the trellis.

The next step is to position the branches so that each bud of the plants is in each gap of the trellis. After creating the grid, make sure that you cut down all the buds that grow outside the holes. Removing the extra buds is not at all a bad thing but this would allow the existing buds to grow into large and productive ones. The goal is simple- one bud per one hole.

Lightning and SCROG trellises.
According to the desire of the farmer a side canopy can also be maintained. One important thing to make sure is that the vertical lighting should be sufficient, and using a SCROG or a SOG netting system should optimize the existing light source.

Trellising marijuana also has other advantages like reducing mechanical spreading of diseases from the hands of the operators, when used with an insect barrier and protects plants against insects that can transport viruses and bacteria. This barrier is also known as a horticultural fleece. The major reason is the fact that with trellising the plants are grown indoors. And plants indoors are free from pests. Trellising the plants can have great impact on the final yield of the plants. All the resources will be concentrated directly on the plants and hence the yield is maximum and wastage of resources is not at all a problem. The buds’ size will be maximum.

To provide the light uniformly to all the different the bud sites, marijuana trellis is used. This method let the plants to grow in the sideways direction

trellises for marijuana