Two Piece Boxes – The Luxury Trend in Packaging Industry

The two-piece box packaging is a real multitasking entity: it must not only guarantee the protection and preservation of the packed product but also be a medium of information and a vector of useful communication to the customer. All these qualities are unified in a simple “box” often perceived as two piece box. Two-piece box packaging is widely used all around the world for various purposes such as to pack gifts, enclose clothing and other consumer products.

World’s Top Sellers Use Two Piece Box Packaging

The businesspersons do not lack ideas to seduce consumers and make them want to buy the product! But the fact is that customer will never return to make a choice of your product if both the product and packaging are not valuable to customers. Two-piece box packaging is an ideal packaging to appeal the customers with simple packaging appearance.

World’s best sellers or business folks know the importance of two-piece box packaging because such box packaging has an appealing design, easy opening & closing and great appearance that can also be used to enclose the product in a luxurious way and also can make the product stand out from competitors to retain users.

Two Piece Boxes – Best Use for Packing and Shipping

Traditional two pieces corrugated packaging is the most popular delivery option for the reasons of robustness and low cost because a number of products can be packed in a huge size two-piece box to deliver to any customer. That’s why it’s a good delivery option and it may reduce cost up to a certain limit.

In the luxury sector, packaging plays a major role as it will always have an impact on the consumer’s minds and emotions. In order to meet the demands of consumers, who are progressively concerned with the eco-friendly future, Kraft made two piece packaging is a concept of “sustainable two piece box packaging”. Many of the leading brands (jeweler, perfumes, ready-to-wear, leather goods, and shoes) are now opting the Kraft made two-piece box packaging option.

Durability of Two Piece Boxes

Two piece boxes are versatile, strong and provide great safety to the packed product. Two piece boxes are well-found with numerous qualities that make them the perfect packaging for the clothing sector also. Rigid two piece boxes are the fine example if we talk about product safety regarding durability. Highly delicate product like wrist watches, Jewelry, Mobile phones and glass made products need rigid two-piece box packaging not only to protect the product from damage but also to add a luxury impression to the product beauty.


Here is few types of custom boxes for your products;

custom soap boxes
custom cigarette packaging
custom bakery boxes
custom kraft boxes
custom popcorn boxes
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custom display boxes

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