Types of Printing Houses & Their Services

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The modern reality is such that without printed, in particular, advertising printed products, it is almost impossible to imagine our life. After all, printing is so diverse in its manifestations: these are books and magazines, newspapers, catalogs and reference books, leaflets and booklets, calendars, notebooks, notebooks and diaries, cards and invitations – and much, much more, without which it is simply impossible to imagine our life.

There are universal printing houses with a powerful production base, but there are few of them. For example, for the production of magazines, very expensive web offset machines are most often used, which can only be purchased by very large printing companies that receive large quantities of orders. The production of flexible packaging and labels in large quantities is most often carried out by flexography and is carried out in other companies. The same applies to screen printing and pad printing, which are used both in printing and in the production of advertising souvenirs.

Nowadays, the majority of offset printing houses also have digital equipment which allows them to quickly and cheaply execute short-run orders for printing production.

The most common printing services in our time are services for the production of advertising printed products. Any  Moscow printing house offers the production of such advertising products as brochures and catalogs, leaflets, flyers and booklets, calendars, notebooks, diaries and plans, logo packages, company folders, etc. And this is not surprising: you have to fight for customers, and printing products are not only effective but also an economical means of advertising. The impact of printing on the audience is great and even more effective, especially if it takes into account this audience, its interests, tastes, needs.

Advertising printing is the most effective, affordable and easiest way to influence the target audience.

Almost any printing house in poster printing Los Angeles can offer customers a wide range of advertising printed products. In addition to the products that belong to the “advertising printing”, customers can always order in such printing houses and products “business printing” (business printing “, necessary for doing business, contacts with customers and customers. These products also perform a certain advertising role – cause location to the company, emphasizing its status, contribute to memorization and recognition of the company by customers, help to establish relationships with partners and customers. Such a printing is carried out in a corporate style. HAND branded products better in the offset printing press. It is possible and also printing digital offset printing technology. 

What else can modern printing houses offer their customers? Your advertising products can be made on a variety of materials: paper and cardboard, design papers and tracing papers, metallized and synthetic paper, plastic, polyethylene, glass, etc. Modern printing technologies, as well as consumables – varnishes, paints, printing materials allow you to create interesting promotional products that amaze customers with both visual and tactile effects.

New types of printing – magnetic printing, printing using stereo-vario technology, varnish printing never ceases to amaze customers and arouse interest in promotional products.

Most modern printing houses, in addition to printing services, also offer design services . Indeed, design development and printing in the conditions of one printing house are not only very convenient for the client, helping to save his time and money, but also allows to produce better products. Of course, you can order a print design and elsewhere. And we will take such a layout, check and correct the existing errors. However, the printing process has many subtleties and settings. And the designers of the printing house take into account all these nuances. Therefore, the print result is better. That is why most Moscow printing houses have their own layout designers. You are required to only source materials (text and graphics), as well as your wishes regarding how your booklet or brochure should look. The color and style of a booklet or brochure is also best discussed with the designer. As a result, you get the original – the layout, and if it suits you, you can start printing.