Upcoming SEO Trends 2019

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The SEO evolves over time and according to the desires of Google. Here are some SEO trends to come.

Definition of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a set of free techniques to improve the visibility of a website or blog on search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is part of the Search Engine Marketing aka SEM, which refers to the set of strategies to optimize the SEO and positioning of a site on social networks or search engines.

SEM includes SEA (paid search), SMO (SEO Social Media) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

2) New trends in SEO coming soon

Some of the upcoming or existing SEO trends: voice search, mobile, SXO, Google becoming a response engine and connected speaker.

In this article, we explain the upcoming SEO trends for ranking a website or blog on search engines.

A) Voice search

A trend nowadays: voice search. With the coming of this one, the way of doing research of the users has completely changed. It has gone from a research in writing to a live search that seems simpler for users or customers who regularly use their mobile daily.

Voice search involves searching the search engines in person without necessarily writing a word or a group of words. The search results are similar to those obtained in a written search.

The main players are Siri for Apple products and Google Assistant for other products like Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, etc.

B) The mobile

Mobile has become one of the most popular trends since its creation and the evolution of smartphones because people are increasingly connected with their mobile.

So, as the mobile is increasingly used by users, it is useful for a company that its website or blog is responsive to mobile, that is to say, that the site or blog must be adapted to the format of smartphones. This will be reinforced with the arrival soon of the “mobile first index” of the Google which is long awaited by companies and agencies.

C) The SXO

SXO succeeds SEO and takes an important place in the ranking of a website or a blog.

SXO or Search Experience Optimization is a new form of SEO and takes into account the quality of the experience of the individual in the search phase of information or content on the Internet.

D) The connected speaker

Another trend of the future of SEO for the coming years is the connected speaker that is raging with Internet users and customers who started last year to get it and use it for their personal research.

This one is simple, fast and effective because the searches are done in person like Siri for Apple or Assistant Google for Samsung.

The main players in this market are Alexa, Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple Home Pod.

Thanks to the connected speakers, more and more people are searching through them and, with this new feature, it is easier to research and ask what you want. For example, we can easily ask the speaker to listen to music or the comparison of two products, find a place (hotel, restaurant, school, historical monument, bank, bar, etc.) and so on.

E) Google becomes a response engine

The American Giant Google has just become a response engine because when a user or a customer does a search on the search engine, it is directly given the information at the beginning of the page so that it do not go to a site or blog to find the information, product or service they need most to meet their needs.

These are called “featured snippets “. This one was created by Google because the employees of this subsidiary realized that people did not have the time to spend their days or hours and hours on a search on the Internet.

 3) The conclusion of the article

It can be concluded that there are many SEO trends to come. In this article, we have seen 5 trends that exist or that will soon come into force in the coming years, a short recap of these: voice search, SXO, the connected speaker, Google as an engine answer as well as the mobile.

These are the main SEO trends to come, among others.

And you, what do you think of its upcoming SEO trends? Are you for or against these or do you plan to follow our advice and apply it on your own website or blog?

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