Using Cardboard Display Boxes Can Boost Your Profit by a Significant Percentage

You enter a retail store and you buy the thing you came looking for. You take it to the checkout counter to pay for it, while you are waiting for the cashier to attend to you suddenly you notice a breath mint and you pick it up. It was not a conscious purchase, it was just there and you like it so you get it. Sounds familiar story? It happens right? Let us tell what prompts you to make that purchase.

It’s that beautiful display box that sits on the counter that’s teasing you to buy a thing you don’t even really need. The same thing happens when you take your kid to the store and looking at the custom display box, s/he wants that candy bar sitting in that cardboard display box.

The design and the placement of the custom display boxes play an important role in the effective product selling. Now the placement of the box depends on you but we at OXO Packaging can help you with the designing, printing, and production of these boxes. And here’s how:

  • We can pick unusual designs for your display boxes to attract customer attention. But this is a tricky situation, you will have to choose a design that’s not ‘too overboard’.
  • We will use color, themes, and typography of custom display boxes.
  • The design of the box will be attractive but also convenient.
  • Use the finest stock materials to create the sturdy boxes that will hold on its own on store’s countertops.
  • You can get these boxes delivered to your doorstep within 6 business days.
  • You get to choose the finishing option for these boxes of matte, glossy, foiled, embossed and semi-gloss options.

Suitable best for small items, these boxes help imprint your brand image into your customer’s mind, even when he doesn’t complete the purchase. You can create personalized characters that can become the brand signature. At OXO we have the design and graphics expertly produce a box that will effectively promote your message and your product.

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