What is a marketing strategy: the keys to success in your marketing efforts

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Creating strategies or a global marketing strategy is one of the vital activities for a business. But what exactly is a marketing strategy, marketing strategy or marketing strategy? What does it involve? How is it developed? In this post we will try to get back to basics, explaining the concept of marketing strategy, its planning and current trends.

Marketing strategy: what it’s all about

A marketing strategy is the creation of actions or tactics that lead to the fundamental objective of increasing sales and achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

Development of a marketing strategy

The process of developing a marketing strategy begins with the analysis of the business environment, both internally and externally. The aim is to understand the different aspects of the environment surrounding a business, including technology, economy, culture, politics and law.

After doing this analysis, according to the findings, as well as the mission of the company and the needs it seeks to cover, the objectives of the company are chosen to take advantage of that environment and minimize the challenges.

From this, a marketing plan is derived, which will explain the specific actions that will be carried out in a period of time to achieve the objectives.

The plans can cover many years, with sub-plans for each year, although with the speed of change in the marketing environment, these timeframes are becoming shorter. Ideally, the actions derived from this are dynamic and interactive, but implemented only to a certain degree, to allow you to react to unpredictable developments while trying to focus on a basic path forward.

Trends in 2020 that will influence the marketing strategy

There is a wide range of possibilities to create your own marketing strategy, and while specialists apply them according to the business or brand and its specific objectives, some general practices can be applied so that your marketing strategy in 2019 can make a difference:


Nowadays social networks achieve a great reach in your target audience, however the short content, but with great quality, acquires more and more strength.

Share content that is relevant to your target, attractive but easy to understand, which will undoubtedly succeed in capturing the attention of your audience, favouring both branding and CTR.

What is content marketing: keys to achieving the best results


A phenomenon that we have had the opportunity to see the impact each and every one of the users are the stories, especially in social networks such as Instagram, so no doubt you will succeed in capturing your target audience.


Intrusive ads have only led to an increasing number of users ignoring these ad spaces, and in some cases installing an AdBlocker

In contrast, an increasing number of users trust the opinion of influencers when choosing a certain product or service, which makes influencer marketing a trend this 2020.

Augmented reality and virtual reality
Although AR technology is not yet present in every moment of our day-to-day life, it is gradually being implemented in eCommerce, offering more interesting options to make your brand or product known.