Why Do I Need a Sign for my Business?

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The sign is a simple but effective advertising and information technology that allows the company to declare itself, and the client to choose the institution that is necessary. As signs, volumetric letters with and without backlighting are often used, lightboxes, neon designs, combined products. They draw up the facades of business centers, entertainment venues, commercial and other facilities.


What tasks are solved with the help of signage?


Today there are no restrictions in terms of choosing signboards for a store, bank, pharmacy, beauty salons, other commercial or non-commercial building. Each of them performs the following functions:


  1. Informs the public about the location of a particular object. Mounted either directly on the building, or near the institution (for example, on a pole). Installation is allowed both inside and outside buildings.
  2. It attracts the attention of real and potential customers. Sometimes a sign with a professionally designed design becomes a decisive factor when choosing a particular store or beauty salon.
  3. Highlights among the mass of competitors. In a world where competition in many areas is tremendously high, you need to be different from the rest. The light box in front of the entrance often copes with this task.

Another feature of business sign board design is the promotion of the corporate style of the company. A sign is a part of branding, as important as a properly designed office or a well-thought-out business card style.

What else to look for?

In order for a sign to cope with its tasks, it must be designed taking into account the following points:

  • scope of the company;
  • price segment of goods and services;
  • features of the target audience;
  • general concept of the company;
  • place of installation.

The type of design, color scheme, and the nature of the design depend on this. To choose the format of signs, you can conduct a marketing study or study the main competitors and do better. Another way is to temporarily enter the role of the target audience. This will help to understand whether the selected advertising design will work.

Industry experts advise a balanced approach to this issue, because, according to statistics, 60% of buyers go to the store due to the fact that the sign has worked. In other areas, this rule also applies, therefore, offering goods and services without a sign is stupid, and working with the wrong sign is dangerous for business. The sign must be professional!

Advantages of signs, as a way of advertising

The main advantage of signage as a way to advertise your business is the comprehensiveness of potential customers. Exposed on public display, passing by a person cannot help but pay attention to the signboard. In any case, associations will begin to appear with what can be done with the products or where, how and when to apply the offered services.

Outdoor advertising is perhaps the most effective way of advertising. Especially when it comes to location in the most passable places. If the sign is placed not in one place, but along the entire path that has to be overcome every day, then people will regularly pay attention. The main thing is to determine the goals, and then, depending on the activities of the enterprise, place ads in the most suitable places throughout the city.

Disadvantages of acrylic light

The disadvantages of signage as a way of advertising are many. First of all, it is worth noting its cost. Since it must be strong, durable and easily withstand mechanical stress, the cost of such advertising will be far from low. In addition, additional elements in the form of a backlight may still be required. But one sign for the whole city will not be enough, so they will need at least one in the most passable areas in order to attract attention.

It is a very good idea to tell about yourself in this way, but not every company can afford such a pleasure. In addition, even when ordering the largest option, it will be quite difficult to place all the necessary information at once with the necessary image. This is due to the harmonious appearance of the overall picture. The text that is applied to the sign should be short and as informative as possible. That is, people passing by should want to read the inscription to the end and subsequently take advantage of the offer.