10 Tips to Improve Your WordPress Website Ranking on Search Engines

Improve Word Press Website Ranking on Search Engines

If you’ve installed WordPress before, you may have noticed that the default installation is not SEO-friendly. If you want to have a better WordPress website ranking on search engines, then the first basic step is to optimize it. To drive more traffic to your WordPress website, you need to hire WordPress Developers from India who is having a variety of different routes to pursue.

Here we are offering 10 of our best tips for Improve Your Word Press Website Ranking on Search Engines

1. Optimize Your Images

You need high-quality images of your products. But having high-quality images isn’t enough. If you don’t optimize your images properly they could actually be doing you an injustice. Large images, even if they’re high-quality, it can impact your website’s loading speeds. When site loads slower, then the worse it’ll do in the search engines.

2. Improve Your URL Structure

Having long URLs that are filled with complex characters can actually come across as spam. Part of this has to do with adjusting your permalinks, so they reflect the simplest organization possible. It means that your product, category, site pages, and blog posts have been optimized for keywords. You need to make sure that your URL structure is logical and as simple as possible.

3. Avoid Duplicate Content

Having duplicated content in your WordPress website can lead to a rankings nightmare. It is difficult but it is necessary to come up with creative product descriptions for every product in your store. Spend time in making your product descriptions unique.

4. Use Rich Snippets

By using rich snippets you will need to improve the appearance of your search engine listings, which can help in increase your CTR. This means that more people will click through to your site, even without any movement can change in your rankings.

5. Use an SEO Plugin

If you are really trying to improve SEO in the website, go for SEO Company in India who gives you solid on-page optimization plugin. Out of the box, WordPress and WooCommerce are SEO-friendly. But, if you are looking to compete then it would be a good idea to do everything in your power to improve your rankings.

6. Choose a Quality Host

If you only have a few products to sell and you don’t get that much traffic then WordPress website will work fine with any shared host.

But, if you’re serious about scaling your site, or have a high volume or products or traffic, then a WooCommerce specific host is something you can’t live without. It will help you to improve your speed and performance.

7. Make Sure Your Store Is Mobile-Friendly

To start your site, firstly you need to pass the Google mobile friendliness test. If you have passed this test then that’s a great start. But, it’s not enough. You need to think about improving your mobile user experience factors by having positive user experience indicators then it will help in improving your ranking

8. Organize Your Site Structure

WordPress websites have confusing site structure. Your site structure is mainly responsible for two things: making it easier for the search engine bots to crawl your site, and improving your user experience.

9. Consider Starting a Blog

A blog is not an absolute necessity for WordPress websites, but it can help in increasing your website rankings. You can amplify the time you’ve already spent just by having a blog.

10. Optimize Your Headers and Product Descriptions

It is necessary for every page, post, and product on your site; you should have a page title. It is very important to optimize this title for both your target keyword and to encourage click-throughs. Basically, this means that you are optimizing your titles for the search engines and for readers at the same time.


Optimizing your WordPress website is not a difficult task. But it’s important to know that aside from tweaking your settings and using tools and plugins, you need to create quality content that will add value to your readers. Thus, If you’re looking to take your WordPress website to the top level, consider FUTUREPROFILEZ, WordPress Development company in India.  Beacuse SEO ranking factors are constantly changing. Thus,You have to be update with the latest updates in the Google algorithm to stay on top of the ranking.


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